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This year, Kobelco is celebrating its 90th anniversary of the development of the 50K electric mining shovel in 1930 by Kobe Steel, the first construction machinery to be made in Japan.

This machine was developed for the Fushun coal mines of China and being their first manufacturing attempt, Kobelco challenged themselves and developed various techniques through trial and error, pushing them to achieve the impossible. All of their hard work paid off, with the shovel being a triumphant success, thus marking an important milestone in the history of construction machinery in Japan.

Since then, Kobelco has carried on this can-do attitude and has been creating products and technology like no other in the industry, bringing world-class excavators to the Australian market for decades and providing customers with unbeatable value through its market leading design and technology.

As Kobelco is the construction machinery manufacturer with the longest history in Japan, its expertise in the industry has allowed them to create extremely fuel-efficient, robust and reliable machines, which in-turn, help customers lower their operating costs and maximise up-time, delivering more profit to their bottom line.

Customers not only benefit from operating an exceptionally powerful machine, but also from the class-leading, innovative technologies that Kobelco’s extensive history of research and development has delivered.

Kobelco’s compact radius machines feature the revolutionary, exclusive iNDr (Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction) system, which is designed to reduce operating noise and to prevent dust and debris from entering the cooling system.

Kobelco heavy excavators feature an advanced Intelligent Total Control System, which is their exclusive mechatronic pump control system that has been developed over decades to provide exceptional performance while burning minimal fuel. Additionally, heavy excavators come standard with a five-year subscription to Kobelco’s advanced machine telematics reporting system, GEOSCAN, a system that provides GPS and machine operation data to equipment owners and fleet managers.

Kobelco has a network of expert dealers across Australia, made up of independent, family-owned businesses that are proud to support their local communities. This dealer network has been praised for going above and beyond for their customers, resulting in a high rate of repeat customers and the expansion of the Kobelco family.

To learn more about Kobelco excavators, please visit kobelco.com.au, or call 1300 KOBELCO.


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