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Kobelco SK350LC-10 More Power and Higher Efficiency

With a manufacturing history dating back to 1930, Kobelco’s reputation for Japanese quality and reliability in excavator manufacturing is as well-known as its reputation for building fuel efficient excavators. With an operating weight of 36 tonnes, the SK350LC-10 is the latest machine in the Kobelco Generation-10 range to deliver substantial improvements in performance, with a 20% reduction in hourly fuel consumption, and a 25% improvement in productivity compared to the previous model. With more powerful and efficient engine options, along with numerous hydraulic system optimisations, including hydraulic regeneration and automatic swing speed feedback, the SK350LC-10 is a class leader in fuel efficiency. 

Choice of Tier 3 or Tier 4F Engine

Kobelco gives customers the choice of engine emissions technology for all of its latest Generation-10 excavators in Australia, stocking all machines in the range, including the SK350LC-10, in both Tier 3 and Tier 4F engine configurations. Both versions of the SK350LC-10 feature the same reliable Hino engine, along with the latest Kobelco Generation-10 machine design and technology. The Tier 4F version delivers ultra-low engine emissions, while the economical Tier 3 option is available for customers that prefer to avoid the use of AdBlue. 

Outstanding Comfort and Productivity

The SK350LC-10 operator station provides incredible comfort, thanks to numerous design improvements. New suspension cab isolation mounts and higher cabin pressurisation ensure a quiet and dust-free work environment, while a standard air-suspension seat with heat, automatic climate control, and lower lever effort pilot hydraulic controls ensure all day comfort. The SK350LC-10 comes standard with bi-directional auxiliary hydraulics, tilt lines with a separate low-flow pump for precision control, and factory quick hitch lines. Worksite safety is enhanced by Kobelco’s exclusive swing flashers, which provide a visual alert when the machine is swinging; FOPS Level 2 guarding is also standard from factory. 

Durability and Reliability by Design

With additional power, the SK350LC-10 has been engineered with a host of enhanced durability features to ensure long life and superior resale value. A redesigned and reinforced heavy duty boom and arm set is standard on the SK350LC-10, featuring thicker steel and a boom base with the largest cross sectional area in its class, ensuring uptime and longevity. 5,000 hour hydraulic oil change intervals along with improved hydraulic filtration and new remote restriction monitoring improve ease of maintenance and reliability. The SK350LC-10 comes standard with a 2 year/3,000 hour full machine warranty, including powertrain plus hydraulic coverage to 4 years/8,000 hours for a limited time.

For more information contact Kobelco Australia on 1300 562 352 or visit kobelco.com.au


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