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Mast Based Drilling Rig

Our good mates at Auger Torque have added another product into their renown range of auger and drilling solutions, getting serious with their compact (compared to bespoke drill-rigs) mast-based drilling rig.

The mast-based drilling rig is designed for accurate, quick and efficient drilling of large quantities of equal diameter holes, suited to applications such as auger drilling, down hole hammer applications as well as pre-drilling for pile driving, dewatering, permanent retaining walls, auger cast piles and even horizontal drilling applications are possible.

This high-performance hydraulically driven auger attachment is compatible with excavators from 10-15T and puts out a torque range of 2717-8152Nm.

This drilling rig can move from one application to the next with ease, and being excavator
mounted offers a quicker and more cost-effective method compared to more specialized heavy equipment / bespoke drill rigs.

Other Features include:

• Precision engineered gearbox and non-dislodgement shaft system
• Compatible with several different earth drill drive units and can be equipped with different
hitches for mounting on most common excavators
• Enhanced Control – allowing for controlled accurate drilling of holes several meters deep
• Interchangeable hitch and auger assemblies, eliminating the need to remove the cable from the rig
• High grade lift system – high tensile galvanized steel winch cable with spring tensioner
assembly and easy access pulley grease points
• Hose guide rail for neat hose connection

Being an Auger Torque product, you can expect this attachment to perform and stand up to extreme conditions and of course Auger Torque can supply you with a complete range of fully flighted auger bits to help get through whatever type of ground you may come across on site.

Contact the guys at Auger Torque if you’d like to find out more, you can reach them on 13 22 12 nationally or simply via www.augertorque.com


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