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Kobelco SK135SR-7

The SK135SR-7 is the latest in a new generation of excavators to demonstrate Kobelco’s prowess in excavator design and manufacture. Coupled with modern manufacturing processes and customer feedback, the Japanese manufacturer’s SK135SR-7 sets a new class-defining standard in operational performance and operator comfort. Together with Kobelco’s well-earned reputation as a leader in fuel efficiency and reliability, the SK135SR-7 is set to be a game changer in its class.

The Isuzu 3.0L turbocharged diesel engine meets global emissions standards, while at the same time gaining a significant 10% increase in engine output. The performance increase ensures no loss of power on gradients and with heavy bucket loads and delivers a powerful tractive effort of 141kN. Complete with a new hydraulic control system, digging cycle time has been reduced by 10%, compared with the previous model.
The spacious sealed and pressurised cabin of the SK135SR-7 is an arena of ultra-modern, easily accessible operating controls and components – with finish and function comparable to that of premium European cars. The layout is designed to deliver a new experience in excavator operation, starting with a 10-inch colour monitor – the largest in-cab visual information screen within the excavator industry.



JCB JZ140 LC Excavator. Medium Machine Of The Year finalist in the Australian Earthmoving Awards.


JCB’s 14 tonne excavator, the JCB JZ140 LC is an extremely productive reduced tail swing tracked excavator. A reduced tail swing design offers you greater levels of safety than a conventional excavator because manoeuvrability is superior, especially in restricted spaces. The JZ140 is a quality excavator built in Britain.
However, the benefits don’t end there. You’ll find that a JCB JZ140 excavator is an extremely efficient and innovative machine, with the latest EcoMAX engine and state-of-the-art hydraulics fitted. What’s more, the cab and controls are incredibly intuitive, ergonomic and comfortable, while you’ll also find this excavator very easy to service and maintain.



Case CX145C Excavator. Medium Machine Of The Year finalist in the Australian Earthmoving Awards.

Case CX145C

Case MSR excavators are ideal for the urban jobsite for their remarkably low external noise levels and ability to work in restricted conditions. The Intelligent Hydraulics System and innovative engines technology result in exceptional fuel economy. Outstanding controllability and lifting performance will allow you to move more material in a shorter time, boosting your productivity.

The Case Intelligent Hydraulic System (CIHS) incorporates a host of energy saving, performance enhancing functions, to boost efficiency and machine output. In combination with powerful, fuel-efficient Tier 4 Interim diesel engines, this leads to fuel savings of up to 9%.

Case SR excavators take operator comfort to the next level, with a new 7% larger ROPS and FOPS Level 2 cab that delivers an almost automotive noise level. An improved air conditioning system (28% more airflow and 20% increase in performance), multi-adjustable suspension seating, increased foot space, cup holder and storage compartments deliver the most productive working environment possible.






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