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Need the right staff?

Cappro Pacific is a specialist recruitment company that is adept at working within capital equipment markets. The founders, Ryan O’Donnell and Iden Werder aim is assisting companies within the capital equipment space to attract the highest quality staff for their business.

Both founders have a hands-on background when it comes to capital equipment and possess a depth of technical and operational experience in this market. Originally from the country they have the same passion for working with heavy equipment that you do. They have the motivation, the technical knowledge and share the passion with company directors and senior management for earthmoving equipment. This understanding coupled with vast industry networks and contacts makes finding the perfect match fast and efficient and effective. An equation that equals long term sense.

Ryan started out recruiting in the equipment space back in 2007, He worked in providing sales staff and build the network for the future business which would be Cappro Pacific. In the early days the market was very different to today. Jobs and candidates were a lot easier to find and the technical specification for staff was very buoyant because of the demand from the market. As time has moved on, Ryan was building his experience and working on more complex searches and providing technical sales engineers and senior managers to our industry. Ryan has recruited in all areas of the machinery space from Construction, underground, mining, Forestry, Equipment Hire, Port Handling to Cranes.

Iden’s story is a little different, he comes from our neighbouring country New Zealand and started as a heavy plant mechanic. Coming to Australia in 2002, he started in working within corporate sales. With a number of major results achieved, he then started a consultancy providing corporate services to the SME market, which he ran a successful business for many years. Iden was regularly working with capital equipment end users, financiers and related stakeholders. This gave Iden an intimate understanding of today’s market and a number of common limiting factors facing businesses today. Through this privileged perspective he saw many companies struggle to find competent staff which can have a stunting effect on the overall ‘business outcome’. Within this time Iden gained extensive experience relating to the recruitment, retention and effective management of a companies workforce.

Ryan and Iden joined forces in January of this year and felt it was time build a dedicated business that provided staff for the earthmoving industry. With knowledge and passion for machinery, many years in recruitment this is the right foundation to build and support businesses like yours find great talent throughout Australia and New Zealand. Working with all white and blue-collar roles gives Cappro Pacific the ability to cover your business from the workshop to head office. Since January Cappro Pacific has delivered on many different staffing needs. Sales staff, National sales managers, GM’s, Sales admin, Product specialists, Workshop staff, Field service technicians, Service managers, Drivers, Parts interpreters and Service administrators

The boys have successfully placed many staff within the machinery industry and intend to do so for many years to come. Their passion and time in the game allows them to not only understanding your requirements, but also who to talk to. We all know the importance of finding the right person for the job. Both Ryan and Iden work very hard to make sure they get it right and utilise many years of experience and extensive industry specific networks to find your next staff member.

For the best staff for your business visit cappropacific.com.au



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