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Next Gen innovation drives success for Alltracks

Switching to Cat® equipment and the latest Next Gen solutions have been the biggest contributors to business success for NSW-based Alltracks Plant Hire, according to Managing Director Fazil Nazim.

Fazil says working with WesTrac and replacing 95 per cent of the company’s fleet with “yellow equipment” has led to the biggest boost in business opportunities since the company commenced operations in 2016.

Alltracks Plant Hire saw the launch of the Cat Next Gen Excavator range as an ideal opportunity to upgrade the fleet from alternative brands and position itself as Australia’s best plant hire provider.

“There is a reason we keep going back to Caterpillar® and WesTrac, and that is because we see results,” Fazil said.

“We get great feedback from our customers, who genuinely enjoy using the Next Gen. We now have over a dozen Cat Next Gen Excavators and that has also resulted in significant savings for us.”

Since upgrading the fleet, the business has reported a 90 per cent reduction in machine down time and more than 30 per cent reduced fuel usage.

Fazil says the ease of maintenance combined with a customer service agreement for genuine oil and filter changes means the quality of services and repairs are never compromised.

“The most impressive aspect is the barcode system which is as simple as scanning the sample, typing it in and sending it away for analysis,” Fazil said.

“The My.Cat.Com application makes it very easy to keep up to date with machinery servicing all in one spot, and the accompanying Cat App is just as useful with real-time information, sent via a simultaneous phone notification to alert us if there is a problem with a machine.”

Fazil said the convenience of the WesTrac FitFleet Plus agreement has allowed Alltracks Plant Hire to manage cash flow and ensure required parts are on hand when technicians go out to site, eliminating down time. FitFleet also provides opportune timeframes to plan for scheduled services, as well as having parts sent to the closest Alltracks branch to the machine.




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