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Norm Engineering – Angle & Tilt Dozer Blade

Time to get pushy !
The team at Norm Engineering have the perfect implement for pushing, spreading, fine trimming and back filling, converting your skid steer or track loader into a hybrid of a compact dozer and a grader.
Available as an angle only or with angle and tilt functionality, the Norm Engineering angle and tilt dozer blades feature a working range of 28 degrees each way and a tilt function of 17 degrees. With ease of installation, angle and tilt blades are available as a plug and play option for most machines and require no additional hydraulics to be fitted. Models range in width from 2.1m to 3m and are manufactured from 500 grade quench and tempered plate, for extra strength. The dozer blade comes standard with a replaceable bolt on cutting edge prolonging the life of your attachment.
Norm also offer a dozer blade stick rake for easy removal of sub-surface debris such as roots, buried branches and rocks. This is suited to the farming and forestry industries as well as construction and landscaping and can be attached/detached with four simple pins.
With their engineering and manufacturing centre located here in Brisbane, the team at Norm understand how we operate in Australia and have developed a range of products robust enough to combat our harsh environment. There is something to be said for being able to pick up the phone and speak to someone who can understand your needs, troubleshoot a solution and despatch the required solution the same day.
For more information, contact your nearest Norm Engineering attachment stockist or visit normeng.com.au.


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