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Onetrak to success with Gillies Civil

George Gillies has been in the industry since around 2008 when he started working on rail projects operating wheeled excavators.

“I started working on the big infrastructure and rail projects operating wheel loaders and excavators before deciding to start my own small business with earthmoving gear in 2014”, George explains.

“I had smaller machines and posi tracks. My first business got bought out and then I decided to start my own again after a year”.

“I started with a 20ton and then added another as the company grew. There was a halt with Covid but after June 2021 the business started growing again. I now have 6 operators working with me”, George adds.

George’s first Hidromek machine was a 40ton Hidromek HMK370LC with EI Engineering buckets and a Rammer hammer.

“The reliability of the HMK370LC is unreal. It’s great value for money. The operator has been very loyal to other brands but he was pleasantly surprised and loves the machine. It’s great for final-trimming and material handling such as loading and sorting”, George says.

George’s second Hidromek was a HMK145LCSR.

“The Hidromek HMK145LCSR is a heavyweight for its class. It is fitted with the latest Leica GPS and an A2 tilting hitch. It’s great for final trim and detail works”.

The newest addition for Gillies Civil is a Hidromek HMK140W wheeled excavator. The HMK140W has an operating weight of 15.7 tonnes without additional attachments.

The HMK140W is an impressive unit – fitted with all the bells and whistles. The machine has been fitted with a heap of options including Leica GPS system, a Steelwrist tilt-rotator and an 8m3 Stewart Hardox tipping trailer with drop sides.

“The machine is road registered and complete euro spec with everything I need including a tipping trailer so the attachments or materials can be transported around the job or from job to job with ease”. George explains.

“It’s the perfect machine to help the local community with general works and bits and pieces. I’m starting to do more road projects and property storm clean ups etc.”.

“Everything is so dense in the commercial areas so if my clients have multiple jobs that are within close proximity, having a road registered wheeled machine with a trailer means I don’t  have to use a truck to move it. It’s a no brainer really – I can bring all the attachments and be ready to go”.

George has now tried a range of the Hidromek models both by purchase and rental.

“The Hidromeks are great on fuel. The HMK140W is the most economical machine I’ve owned. My Leica GPS systems are fitted locally but are the same as the Hidromek factory fitted systems. The integration and installation were both seamless”.

“When asked why George decided to give a lesser known brand a go he replied “It’s not an easy decision to try something completely new but after hiring the HMK300LC for a few months I was convinced they are great machines. You just have to hire one and try for yourself”.

“Onetrak is great to deal with. I can call Rhodes at any time of the day and he will sort out any issues or answer any questions that I have. The customer service is good and the parts departments are also great to deal with”.



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