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Putting Your Equipment To Work

By recognising the true working value of existing equipment, this innovative new credit offering is set to be a vital resource for businesses wanting to purchase new equipment or strengthen cash flows.

With today’s credit landscape looking very different from six months ago, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to source the funding they need to expand operations and capture the opportunities that are arising in their business.

MKP Equipment Line, a new credit offering from equipment finance specialists Moody Kiddell & Partners, is designed to unlock equity in businesses’ existing assets, giving them access to the credit they need to purchase new equipment or strengthen cash flows.

“We developed MKP Equipment Line to be a sustainable solution for companies looking for growth capital or wanting to strengthen cash flows” said MKP CEO, Alex Moody. “We believe it will also allow businesses to navigate the current economic volatility with real confidence.”

By aligning existing assets closer to their effective working life, MKP Equipment Line borrows against the true working value of these assets to free up additional equity. This results in lower monthly financial payments, allowing for companies to purchase new equipment, fund businesses improvements, or give them the flexibility and peace of mind that stronger cash flows provide.

David Kiddell and Terry Moody

“In our forty years of equipment finance, we’ve helped businesses through many credit cycles” Alex Moody added. “One thing MKP knows is the importance of tailoring our products to our clients needs. Whether it’s helping them purchase a new piece of equipment, or lower their current monthly financial payments, MKP Equipment Line gives businesses the tools they need to build a stronger tomorrow.”

The only product of its kind on the market, MKP Equipment Line can be tailored to aid businesses with Growth Capital, Cash Flow Relief, and Debt Restructure and Consolidation. For more information contact Moody Kiddell & Partners today on 1300 000 657 or visit www.mkpgroup.com.au/aem





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