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Quality and safety focus builds growth for civil works contractor

From humble beginnings as a single plant hire operation in the early nineties, Sydney-based Agresta Plant Services has grown and evolved into a highly regarded civil works contractor. Providing its specialist earthworks and finishing services, they’ve contributed to some of Australia’s most complex civil projects in Sydney, NSW Central Coast and Melbourne including Lane Cove Tunnel and the Melbourne Rail Project.

The family run business has secured a solid reputation over the years with their efficiency and knowledge in road and rail civil construction, and the company’s reputation as a safety-focused operator continues to grow says owner and operations manager, Frank Agresta.
“Safety is paramount for everyone at Agresta Plant. Work on all our civil projects has been completed to the highest safety and quality standards, and we’re proud to say, without any incidents,” highlights Frank.
A qualified mechanic and plant operator with over 18 years’ experience in heavy plant vehicle operations, Frank joined the family business in 2000, alongside his mum, Nonie who is also the business manager for Agresta Plant. Quality and safety are at the core of their business.

“Besides the use of GPS technology in machines, the biggest changes I’ve seen over the years is site safety, and earthmoving products needing to be more robust and compliant to site regulations,” says Frank.
As expected, their growth over the years has required an increase in machines and Agresta Plant Services’ modern fleet comprises of a Hitachi ZX65USB, a Bobcat and a Volvo excavator. With complex earthworks being a large proportion of their work, Frank opts to use the Doherty range of fully compliant attachments based on their quality, productivity and safety features.
“Along with Doherty’s D-Lock tilt hitches on all our excavators, we also have a set of Doherty 300mm, 450mm, 600mm buckets and 1200mm mud buckets for each machine,” says Frank. “Their range aligns perfectly to our needs.”
In fact, Frank and his team started to use Doherty attachments after one of Frank’s friendly competitors showed him the hitch. “That was five years ago, and thanks to him, we haven’t looked back,” laughs Frank.
Operator feedback is the Doherty hitches are productive, reliable and simple to use, continues Frank, and because the hitches do the job with minimal fuss or need for daily maintenance, his operators are happy.

“Since using the Doherty tilt hitches and buckets its reduced machine movement, so we’ve noticed real time savings and reduction in fuel and machine hours,” explains Frank. “With the additional productivity, less costs and down time, and knowing my operators are safe, I’m happy too. “
With Agresta Plant’s first Doherty tilt hitch reaching 4,500 hours and still going strong, it’s also Doherty’s support and customer service which Frank says has kept him a loyal user.
“In addition to the quality and safety of the hitches, and their buckets being more cost effective than others, you just can’t beat the service from Doherty. It’s fantastic to know the support’s there, and quickly, if we ever need it.”

For more information call 1800 057 021 or visit dohertydirect.net


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