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Quarry Flood rescue

With a third La Nina summer in a row officially declared, more rain will likely see a major disruption to quarry and construction sites.  This will bring costly and more lengthy delays.


Australian Pump Industries recently deployed a 4” heavy duty open impeller transfer pump to help a site in need. Aussie’s 4” guzzler, a pump that will move 1600 litres a minute, managed to lower the water level within just a matter of hours.  The pump used was an Aussie QP402.  This is a 4” pump with a large open high SG impeller that will pump solids in suspension.

“It’s not exactly a trash pump but, with it’s tremendous self priming capability and heavy duty cast iron internals, it made short work of reducing the quarry water level to an acceptable point”, said Aussie Pumps Brad Farrugia.

The pump is powered by a Honda 8 hp petrol engine, fitted with an oil alert so in the event of being tipped at an angle, it will automatically turn the engine off before any kind of catastrophe can occur. The pump and engine are enclosed in a heavy duty steel frame with sub base and anti-vibration mounts.  This is part of the standard Aussie Pump design criteria for providing pumps that will last a long time, do a good job and are backed by Aussie’s unique five year warranty.

The pump was supplied with a 4” suction hose that helped to prime fast and help lower the water level! Note the pump’s huge ‘shoulders’ that are the priming tank built into the pump casing.

The tank that enables the pump to pull water through a vertical lift of 8.2 metres. The pump’s vertical lift in terms of delivery head is a maximum of 30 meters.  Because the pump has a big open impeller, it will handle slurries in suspension.

The company also makes a “Mine Boss” version of the same pump.  That is diesel drive powered by a 10hp electric start Yanmar engine. It comes enclosed in a super heavy duty 38 mm stainless steel frame with integrated lifting bar and turns this standard Honda powered pump into a product that will feel at home on any mine, construction or civil defence application.   The Mine Boss version features lockup battery isolation, E-stop and fire extinguisher for emergency situations.

Further information on the Aussie self priming centrifugal pump range, including their big 6” trash pumps, is available from aussiepumps.com.au


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