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Redefining Precision Mixing: Norm Engineering’s Concrete Batching Bucket

Norm Engineering is proudly showcasing their Concrete Batching Bucket, a game-changer in the realm of construction equipment, designed to redefine the efficiency and versatility of your skid steer, track loader or telehandler. The Norm Engineering Concrete Batching bucket is a testament to Australian Manufacturing and will expand your business capabilities to accommodate a diverse range of project requirements.

With two capacities available in the range, spanning from 0.50m^3 to 0.80m^3 the Norm Engineering concrete batching buckets are adaptable to Skid Steers, CTLs, Telehandlers, tractors, and wheel loaders, making them a convenient option for contractors who already own or frequently use these machines.

Whether its pouring concrete in tight or hard-to-reach spaces, indoor construction, or areas with limited access for larger concrete mixers. The concrete batching bucket allows for on-site mixing of concrete, eliminating the need for transporting pre-mixed concrete to the construction site.

With a concrete batching bucket, a single operator can handle the mixing and pouring process, reducing the need for additional labour compared to larger, more complex concrete mixing setups.

Setting the benchmark for mixing excellence is Norm Engineering’s custom mixing system embedded within the Concrete Batching Bucket. This innovative system guarantees uniform and thorough mixing of concrete constituents, ensuring a homogeneous blend that guarantees superior durability and strength in the final product.

What distinguishes this batching bucket is its reversible rotation mechanism, easily activated with a simple switch flick. This unique feature empowers operators to swiftly utilize the side chute for precise pouring and distribution of concrete, minimizing waste and maximizing accuracy in application.

Addressing the challenge of inaccessible areas, the Concrete Batching Bucket integrates a removable extension chute. This practical addition allows concrete pouring in otherwise hard-to-reach places, ensuring comprehensive coverage without compromising on the quality or efficiency of the application.

Furthermore, users have the option to elevate their batching experience by opting for the optional hydraulic chute, complete with side chute discharge. This upgrade amplifies the bucket’s capabilities, ensuring controlled and seamless concrete discharge tailored to the specifics of diverse projects.

Norm Engineering’s Concrete Batching Bucket epitomizes innovation and efficiency in the construction landscape. Its custom mixing system, reversible rotation, removable extension chute, and optional hydraulic chute collectively redefine concrete mixing, setting unprecedented standards for precision and productivity.

For professionals seeking superior concrete mixing solutions, investing in the Norm Engineering Concrete Batching Bucket ensures not just enhanced efficiency but also unwavering reliability and consistency in delivering top-quality concrete for various construction projects.

For more information call 07 3376 3177 or visit normeng.com.au


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