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Reduce Your Tax Bill With Attachments

Are you an earthmover? Of course you are! Not only can you expand your earthmoving services with machinery attachments from Himac, you can also use them to REDUCE your Tax Bill. While this concept may not be new to Aussie small businesses, the threshold for purchases has now skyrocketed to $150,000 and been extended to 31st December 2020!

Picture this… from Himac you could buy a Push Rake, Power Grapple, Auger Drive, Mixer Bucket, Ripper, Post Rammer, Extreme Duty Slasher, Stump Bucket, Tree Puller, Dozer Blade plus Pallet Forks AND still have room for $100,000 on other business purchases that can all be written off instantly at tax time.

In a nutshell, the amount you spend on Attachments can be used to directly reduce the amount of your taxable income. For example:

• If your taxable income = $250,000
• Spend $50,000 on Attachments
• Your taxable income now REDUCED = $200,000
• This means you pay LESS TAX

Visit himac.com.au/tax for more information about these changes for businesses.

With attachments from Himac, you’re guaranteed to get the job done effectively and on time. Over 80% of the products Himac sell are manufactured in Australia using high quality steel, lasting over 2x as long as other attachments on the market. Each product is also backed by a warranty that’s DOUBLE the industry standard (24 months).

“Extraordinary manufacturing capability, employing local people, local apprentices and making sure the quality of the product is first rate.”
WA Premier Hon. Mark McGowan on Himac Attachments

In fact, as Himac continue to expand they continue to provide full-time Australian jobs, with a team of over 50 people at present. With his recent regional visit, WA Premier Hon. Mark McGowan witnessed first-hand the facilities and capabilities of Himac Attachments, and left with a lasting impression.

View the Himac range / get a quick quote at himac.com.au or talk to the Himac team on 1800 888 114.


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