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Revolutionising Roadworks: Unveiling the JCB Pothole Pro.

 – The Ultimate Solution for Efficient and Safe Pothole Repairs.

The JCB Pothole Pro is a ground-breaking new machine designed to revolutionise the roadworks industry for Councils and Contractors. With its innovative features, this state-of-the-art machine is set to transform the way pothole repairs and road maintenance are carried out. Powered by a high-performance JCB Ecomax engine, the JCB Pothole Pro boasts exceptional horsepower and speeds of up to 40kph when moving between sites, providing the necessary strength and pace to tackle even the most challenging road surfaces with ease in minimal time.

The cab of the JCB Pothole Pro includes a range of advanced features and a focus on ergonomic design. The high seating position offers unobstructed 360º views within the cab, enabling operators to work with confidence in congested urban areas, safeguarding pedestrians, and vehicles alike, while the Smooth Ride System ensures operator comfort for long days in the cab.

The standout feature of the JCB Pothole Pro is its ability to seamlessly execute the “Cut, Crop, Clean” process developed by JCB. With the side shifting planer, the machine efficiently cuts against the roadside kerb, while the self-levelling mechanism guarantees consistent results, regardless of the gradient. To further enhance the longevity of repairs, the dedicated cropping tool creates a uniform hole profile that ensures long-lasting patches.

The JCB Pothole Pro also excels in its cleaning capabilities as well. Equipped with a 1200mm wide sweeper collector featuring dust suppression, it swiftly prepares potholes in a matter of minutes. The machine’s versatility allows operators to collect and dump chippings effortlessly using either bucket mode or by engaging the brush, significantly reducing the time required for road surface preparation before re-laying.

When it comes to efficiency, the JCB Pothole Pro is a game-changer. It enables operators to complete pothole repairs swiftly, with an average repair time of just 8 minutes which can equate to 250m2 of repairs a day or 700 potholes a month. The exceptional speed, combined with the machine’s outstanding capabilities also translates into significant cost savings for those carrying out road maintenance projects. On average, a pothole repair with the JCB Pothole Pro costs $55. This offers tremendous value for money, making it an attractive option for infrastructure service providers nationwide.

From the comfort of the operator’s seat, adjustments to the 600mm planer can be easily made, thanks to hydraulic depth and tilt control. This not only enhances safety but also maximises performance, ensuring optimal results every time.

The JCB Pothole Pro is currently being demonstrated to current and potential customers within Australia, showcasing its practicality and effectiveness in the field. Richard Mathews, JCB Demonstrator has been conducting these demonstrations as part of the brands commitment to showcase the machine’s capabilities. Customers witness firsthand how the JCB Pothole Pro completes tasks that would typically require 20 to 30 minutes of manual labour with a jackhammer, achieving the same results in just 4 minutes. These demonstrations reinforce the machine’s exceptional efficiencies and highlight its potential to transform road maintenance practices.

JCB CEA views the JCB Pothole Pro as a true game-changer for the industry, with its suitability for use nationwide. The machine’s powerful performance, advanced features, and cost-effective nature make it an invaluable asset for infrastructure service providers across the country. As an industry leader in construction and heavy machinery, JCB CEA is proud to offer this ground-breaking innovation, confident that it will reshape the future of roadworks and significantly improve efficiency and safety standards in the Australian road maintenance industry.

The Cut, Crop, Clean Process

CUT 600mm Planer.

  • Planer, with dust suppression.
  • 600mm wide, 1.3m traverse to left (to kerb side).
  • Can cut to a depth of 170mm.
  • Tried and tested on a variety of surfaces, including HRA.
  • 8 degrees of tilt either way.
  • Hydraulic depth control with the option of either powered or floating tilt.

CROP 600mm Cropping Tool.

  • Dedicated cropping tool mounted on the JCB multitool.
  • 600mm wide blade to match planer width. Note a variety of blades can be fitted offering further versatility.
  • Perfect for operating around obstacles.

CLEAN 1.2m Sweeper.

  • Sweeper, with dust suppression.
  • Hydraulic ram enables bucket mode to collect a large volume of materials.
  • Significantly reduces parts wear & replacements.
  • Optimised for small potholes up to big patches.

For further information please contact your local JCB dealer- www.jcbcea.com.au.


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