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Safety through service

There are many ways to be safe in today’s workplace, and this begins before you even get on site. Ensuring your equipment is compliant is up to you but what about your hired gear? How do you know that is safe?

Making sure your workers are safe should be the number one priority on any excavation project. By following a detailed process (i.e. not taking shortcuts) and only using the highest quality equipment available, you are putting your workers safety first while ensuring your project is in a great place to meet deadlines. Every worker deserves to go home to their family every night.

So while we can’t control global pandemics, wild weather and unforeseen circumstances, we can control the quality of the products and services we choose to use to complete our tasks. Using sub-standard or non-compliant equipment may be cheaper and seem like a quick fix, but the end result may be costly when gear fails, or is not delivered on time and holds up the entire job. Choosing a hire company with a proven track record of quality and service is essential – one that not only meets your requirements but exceeds them – going the extra mile with on-site engineering support, or delivering outside of normal business hours or in storms and wild weather.

One company that prides itself on the highest safety and quality, with all products approved by relevant Australian Standards, is Shore Hire. Shore Hire’s primary focus is to provide customers with not only the best equipment in the business, but great customer service, ultimately ensuring the safest solution for your project

Whether it is the quality of the steel pins in the shoring box that has been tested to exceed Australian standards, or only using the best available fleet of trucks and cranes to get your gear on site, Shore Hire will always deliver engineered solutions for jobs of all shapes and sizes. Nothing is left to chance, and nothing is sent out to a job site without being thoroughly tested and inspected before leaving the premises.
In addition to high quality products, Shore Hire prides itself on the quality of customer service. Shore Hire makes sure you have a ‘real person’ to talk to, with Australia wide industry experience on hand to talk you through your needs and are committed to investing in & providing the customers with an industry-leading level of onsite support. Shore Hires on-site support ethos is focused on customer & safety First.

Shore Hire’s engineering department can provide an Engineering Certification for all your Shoring requirements Australia Wide. The specialist team will work with customers at all stages of the project from site inspections and design right through to installation guidance & advice for the correct use of the products. Shore Hire also provide our customers with detailed methodologies, SWMS & stage drawings to ensure the equipment and services are site-specific & the correct documentation is in place before starting the job.

With a vast range of Shoring options available from a small hand installed hydraulic Vertical Shores to our largest 7.2m Aluminium Trench Boxes with edge protection Hand Rails, Shore Hire can work with major contractors to small builders and no project too large or too small.

The most important element of safety is choosing the right shoring for the right project. With Shore Hire there is an Australia wide branch network with quality gear, delivered and serviced by quality people who can certainly help with ensuring a stress-free experience right through the excavation process.

To BE SHORE your team are safe and your jobs are completed on time, why not choose Shore Hire. Talk to the team today 1300 SHORE HIRE or request a site inspection via shorehire.com.au/contact/


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