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Service Department Of The Year

Hastings Deering

Instead of replacing an ageing machine, Hastings Deering’s service teams have the capability of undertaking full or partial rebuilds, virtually returning your machine to new.

“Many companies are running leaner operations than ever before and a new machine just may not be in the budget,” Mr Rossouw said. “We can recover the performance and productivity of an original machine by utilising the CAT Certified Rebuild program (CCR) which allows us to essentially rebuild the original machine to a ‘near new’ standard. This CCR rebuild is equal to or better than when the machine last rolled off the assembly line and includes the latest updates and upgrades to that model.
“During the CCR process – as many as 7000+ parts are repaired, replaced or reconditioned. It’s cost effective across the whole process: for the environment it means 60-70% of the whole machine is recycled and reused which means reduced energy is needed to make new steel and for the customer and the warranty on parts is similar to a brand-new machine.”

Hastings Deering service teams have the expertise to rebuild the complete machine from the engine, torque converter and transmission through to the hydraulic pump and cylinder components returning them all to zero hours.



Earthmoving Equipment Australia. Finalist for the Service Department Of The Year in the Australian Earthmoving Awards

Earthmoving Equipment Australia

Earthmoving Equipment Australia pride themselves on the quality of the products they deliver to you and the service they provide for you after the purchase. Their products all have a rich history in the construction industry, with years of experience and development in their design and technology.

EEA have placed a particularly large emphasis on their service. All machines break down, but it’s about finding a quick solution to minimise down time for the customer. A quick phone call is all it takes and they will have a field technician coming up with a solution within the next 24 hours. EEA service any brand no matter where it’s from. Earthmoving Equipment Australia always make sure the customer comes first.



Sydney Trucks & Machinery. Finalist for the Service Department Of The Year in the Australian Earthmoving Awards

Sydney Trucks & Machinery

STMC’s knowledge of the industry and talking to customers about their needs and requirements is what has shaped them over the years in a purpose-built 8-acre facility at Smeaton Grange.

STMC have 32 workshop bays, drive through B-double service pits, weighbridge, RMS Inspection certified, 6 x field service vehicles, 2 x 24-hour truck breakdown vehicles, and 4 x Sydney metro parts delivery vehicles. The smash repair workshop for trucks and machinery brings their number of employees in the group to 114.”

A family business supplying class-leading product, which operate out of a quality facility with a dedicated team who has a strong focus on service and support.



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