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Shear brilliance with the OSA LIV Series

When confronting the formidable challenge of Australian hardwoods, the LIV Series emerges as the ultimate solution. Engineered with forward-thinking design principles and crafted from high-quality metallic components, these shears deliver an unparalleled cutting force while maintaining manageable weights.

Tailored for excavators ranging from 13 to 45 tonnes, each unit of the LIV Series comes with a generous 12-month factory warranty, offering contractors assurance and reliability in their equipment. Specifically designed for extracting wood blocks and roots still embedded in the ground, the LIV series wood crushers feature a robust cylinder that efficiently reduces the volume of already-cut trunks. Crafted from wear-resistant steel, these crushers excel in deforestation tasks involving large trunks with substantial resistance.

The widespread adoption of the LIV series tree shears across Australia, with over 150 units currently in operation, attests to their practicality and effectiveness. Originating from the visionary design of Kevin Curran in Australia, the rights to the LIV Series were acquired by Boss Attachments before being entrusted to OSA Demolition Attachments in Italy for manufacturing. This strategic decision was driven by OSA’s renowned expertise in manufacturing, distinguished by their exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Key features of the LIV Series include jaw openings of 790mm for the LIV15 model and 1000mm for the LIV20, catering to diverse cutting requirements. These shears boast cutting and splitting forces unmatched by any other shear on the market, ensuring superior performance and efficiency. Constructed entirely from HARDOX and WELDOX materials, each unit carries the prestigious HARDOX seal of approval, guaranteeing unmatched strength and wear resistance.

The inclusion of a replaceable cutting blade enhances maintenance ease and prolongs usability, while piecing tips optimize performance in log splitting applications, further enhancing overall efficiency. With a fully protected O.S.A cylinder and an innovative “PRV” (Pressure Relief Valve) system, the LIV Series ensures operational safety and longevity by safeguarding against high pressure.

The LIV Series from OSA represents a pinnacle of excellence in demolition attachments, particularly suited for tackling the challenges posed by Australian hardwoods. With its unparalleled cutting force, superior construction, and innovative features, the LIV Series continues to set the benchmark for performance and reliability in the industry, making it the preferred choice for contractors nationwide.

For more information call 1300 116 661 or visit bossattachments.com.au


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