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Shore Hire Expands to South Australia.

Shore Hire, a leading supplier of high quality shoring, propping and traffic equipment to the construction sector, is expanding their business to South Australia, with the opening of a new Adelaide branch this month.

“We are thrilled to be servicing the booming South Australian construction industry with a record pipeline of civil construction and infrastructure projects scheduled in the coming years. These important projects will support South Australia’s economy and deliver jobs at a time when the state needs it most. We are glad to be part of this”, says Managing Director Luke Geelan.

“The move to South Australia is a natural progression for Shore Hire beyond the QLD, NSW, VIC and ACT branches. Adelaide is a future growth area and current demographics suggest there is growth in the civil and construction field. At Shore Hire we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and fast turnaround times, and we know that is what our South Australian customers need” says Geelan.

Shore Hire’s primary focus is to provide customers with not only the best equipment in the business, but the safest on-site solution for any project large or small. As the majority of products are manufactured here in Australia, Shore Hire has full control of product quality, and the ability to listen to client feedback for equipment improvements, and rapidly implement changes as required.

“There is some great things happening in South Australia and we are glad to now be a part of that” says Geelan.
Contact Shore Hire today on 1300 SHORE HIRE www.shorehire.com


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