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Shore Hire New End Panels – Designed for Strength, Simplicity and Safety.

Shore Hire offers one of Australia’s most complete shoring, propping and traffic product ranges, with high quality equipment and components fit for any construction undertaking. Our primary focus is to provide our customers with not only the best equipment in the business but the safest solution for your project.

Trench Safety is paramount to any deep excavation project. Shore Hire Shoring End Panels are the simplest way to provide support at the end of a trench excavation when using traditional trench boxes. Through our commitment to always listening to our customers feedback and concerns, and company focus on innovation and continuous improvement in temporary works design, Shore Hire has identified the requirement for a more robust and easier solution.

Our new design has been engineered for high strength and simplicity, with certified lifting and hanging points on each corner for easy connection of chains to the panels, and to better allow the moving of panels into place and securing them at the correct height.

The Shore Hire End Panel design is also well suited to integrate with our existing shoring panels, to transfer the load onto the end posts and not the struts. Loading against any types of struts can be a high-risk procedure, as they are not engineered for such loading.

All of the Shore Hire End Panels are engineered and manufactured here in Australia in our Condell Park facility in Sydney, ensuring they adhere to our stringent business and safety standards, and compliant with Australian Standards.

If you have a deep excavation, the addition of Shore Hire End Panels can be easily incorporated by stacking and lifting the joined panels using the standard Shore Hire Panel Connector system. They can be pinned together safely from inside the Shore Hire Trench Box to achieve the required depth. Furthermore, as the Shore Hire End Panels have no strut spigots which allows for easier installation and better placement of panels in the shoring solution.

With an extensive range of sizes to cover almost every job, your end shoring solution is now simpler than it has ever been, and with a capacity of 60KPa at 4m wide, it is also safer than ever.

Call Shore Hire today for all your shoring solutions. 1300 SHOREHIRE




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