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Shore Hire now stock 50mm Steel road plates

Shore Hire are the clear leaders in Australia when it comes to keeping jobsites safe and providingconstruction workers with innovative solutions & products to get the job done. 

Their primary focus is to provide not only the best equipment in the business but the safest solution for your project and as Australian jobsites continue to evolve so too do Shore Hires products and services.

In addition to their shoring, propping, pipeline and laser products & services,Shore Hire carry a large range of steel road plates. These plates can be used for many varied uses on construction sites including light & heavy vehicle traffic roads, driveway access, excavation & trench crossings for construction site traffic and covering of pits in roadways. Shore Hire’s steel plates are equipped with a centre plate lifting device, which promotes efficient and safe installation and removal onsite. The use of the lifting device negates manual handling or the need to use a crowbar to gain access under the platesfor lifting

Shore Hire have developed their own unique steel plate assessment software for road plate design and elastic analysis to ensure you have the best and most importantly, the safest option on your jobsite which complies with AS & RMS standards. 

Regular steel plates are usually 25mm and 32mm thick but Shore Hire also offer 50mm steel road plates featuring a Chamfered edge all round.

Shore Hires steel plates are coated in a twin pack epoxy with a non-slip additive which complies national road authority compliance in NSW and the RMS 3368 – complies with RMS Road Opening and Restoration QA Specification M209.

These are easily the best steel road plates on the market today and they are currently available from all five eastern seaboard Shore Hire branches.

Like all Shore Hire products, their steel road plates include the renowned 24/7 emergency response delivery if required and if the job requires the plates to be pinned and or bitumen ramp installed Shore hire can supply all of the required products too.

For more information visit shorehire.com.au or call 1300 SHORE HIRE


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