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Shore Hire Sales

Did you know that the same high quality products that you can hire can also be purchased from Shore Sales.

Shore Hire is not only Australia’s most trusted hire company of high-quality shoring, propping and traffic related hire items, they also manufacture and sell a range of specialist products via Shore Sales.

“We are a one-stop-shop providing a comprehensive and innovative product range backed by reliable advice from our experienced staff for all your project needs. Whether you are hiring or purchasing, our primary focus is to provide our customers with not only the best equipment in the business but the safest solution for your project” says Managing Director Luke Geelan

Shore Sale’s expert in-house design and manufacturing team can manufacture equipment for sale, including custom made to order products – Shore Sales will even build it in your own corporate colours if required. This means that you can take advantage of the new government tax write-off incentives for this financial year.

Shore Sales sell a full range of light weight aluminium shoring products all the way through to large steel trench boxes and trench sheets and sheet pile.

Another great advantage of buying Australian made gear is the knowledge that this equipment will be compatible with Shore Hire’s fleet should your demand increase. Shore Hire’s commitment to the highest standards of design and manufacturing is clearly evident across our shoring range. “Knowing that all of the Shore Hire components are interchangeable with what you have purchased already will give you peace of mind, and our in-house engineering capability means we can develop a comprehensive shoring solution knowing the limits of the equipment, and complementing our hire service” says Steve MacDonald, Head of Sales

Shore Hire’s outstanding service and product features makes them stand out from the crowd in the Australian shoring industry. The experienced technical sales and engineering team’s commitment to responsive and personalised service, including onsite consultations if required, ensures that you have not only the best product that work but also the best advice as well.

No job is too small or large; from delivering a single product to a site at short notice, through to custom engineering solutions and ongoing technician advice throughout the project lifecycle, Shore Hire works hard to ensure every customer’s needs are always exceeded.

Shore Hire Sales: –

√ Designed and manufactured to Australian standards

√ Shoring, propping and traffic equipment sales

√ Lasers and pipe testing equipment

√ Custom built products available

√ Sale items compatible with Hire Fleet

√ Accessories and hardware

Contact Shore Hire today to discuss shoring, propping and traffic control requirements for your next construction or excavation project. 1300 SHORE HIRE | shorehire.com.au | @shore_hire


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