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Shore Hires Shore Brace 400 system

Shore Hire is a multi-generational Australian family owned business that offers one of the country’s most complete shoring, propping and traffic product ranges. While they’re first and foremost an equipment rental business Shore Hire is also a proud design and manufacturing organisation of a number of sensational Australian Made industry-leading products.

The Shore Brace 400 is the latest innovation designed and manufactured by the experts at Shore Hire and it’s the first and only Australian Made hydraulic bracing system. It’s clear the Shore Brace 400 system has been built tough for the harsh conditions of Australian job sites and soil, with high loading and natural camber the dual pin locking system of the Shore Brace 400 means even when spanning massive distances their shoring solution holds up and provides the safest environment possible for works to take place.

The product itself is a game changer in the shoring category but the fact that Shore Hire also offer pre-delivery assembly, on-site install assistance and easy to follow build drawings means that you can be completely confident this system will be installed efficiently and correctly.

It makes us incredibly proud to see an Australian family owned business like Shore Hire pushing Australian engineering and manufacturing into the international spotlight with their incredible life-saving solutions. We can’t wait to see what Shore Hire come up with next but one thing we know for sure is that, like everything else they offer, it will continue to drive safety and productivity across Aussie job sites.

For more information visit shorehire.com.au or call 1300 SHORE HIRE.


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