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Short Radius Heavyweight Champion

Kobelco launches the new SK380SRLC-7 excavator

The heavyweight champion is making a comeback, boasting a fresh new look and a more powerful Tier IV Final compliant engine.

Meet the Kobelco SK380SRLC-7, the heavyweight among short radius excavators. Even with its compact size, with a base operating weight 37 tonnes, the SK380SRLC is the world’s heaviest and most capable short radius excavator, packing a serious punch that makes it ideal for today’s urban infrastructure projects.

The latest generation SK380SRLC joins the Kobelco Series 7 “Performance by Design” range, offering a range of features that are sure to appeal to operators and owners alike. Equipped with the premium Series 7 cabin design, operators can experience top-notch comfort and capabilities. It boasts a completely redesigned operator station with premium styling and automotive-level quality, along with the industry’s largest 10-inch colour display, enhanced safety features, and more.

This machine confidently takes on heavy-duty tasks up-close with its short radius design with only 305mm of tail overhang. Operating safely in a single road lane, it’s perfect for highway projects and applications requiring a larger machine in a restricted work area. Despite its compact design, operators will find the SK380SR cabin spacious and comfortable, offering all the control of a conventional excavator. Moreover, like all Kobelco heavy excavators, the SK380SR comes standard with a 2-year/3,000-hour full machine warranty and a 4-year/6,000-hour major component extended warranty, enhancing its value. All Kobelco heavy excavators also benefit from Kobelco’s GEOSCAN telematics system, provided free of charge to allow for remote access to a comprehensive set of machine operational and maintenance data from any web enabled device.

Elevate productivity with the new Isuzu Tier IV certified engine, delivering increased torque and the fastest digging cycle times in its class. With enhanced performance and power capabilities, the SK380SR offers more reach, lift capacity, digging depth, breakout force, and swing torque. It can tackle tasks ranging from street repairs to site development, landscaping, and underground utilities.

The exclusive Kobelco intelligent control system takes centre stage on the SK380SR, with pre-set attachment work modes automatically providing optimal controllability for the attachment type. When extra lift capacity is required, heavy lift can be activated, while power boost provides an instant 10% power increase for enhanced digging capability with no time restrictions. Independent travel, a unique feature of Kobelco, ensures a steady and consistent travel speed even during swinging and lifting operations, and when using the front attachment. With Independent travel, transporting a large pipe across a worksite is effortless and safe.

The Kobelco SK380SR packs unparalleled power and performance while minimising fuel consumption. Highly favoured on urban jobsites, its compact design and long digging reach ensure easy manoeuvrability and a wide working range. With impressive digging depths of 6.9m and swift swing speeds, the SK380SR ensures short cycle times, boosting productivity.

The first batch of these short radius excavators have just arrived in Australia, with most of the units already bought by customers and ready to get out on the worksite.

The Kobelco SK380SRLC-7 is now available at dealers around Australia and New Zealand. To learn more about Kobelco excavators, please visit kobelco.com.au.


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