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We have certainly seen dramatic changes in the way we do our daily business recently and it’s fantastic to see so many people in our industry really going above and beyond.
More than ever it’s important to acknowledge excellence in the retail side of the earthmoving industry and show our appreciation.

Along with our partners, we initiated The Australian Earthmoving Awards in January this year as a way to properly recognise the achievements in our industry that is so central to the development of our nation. The awards were conceived as our way of directing positivity towards dealerships and manufacturers as well as thanking them for their efforts.

Participation is absolutely free and your nominations are integral to identifying the standout businesses providing services, machines and attachments to the earthmoving industry.

By acknowledging the retail side of the earthmoving industry and nominating, you will be not only showing your appreciation but also helping to evolve the products and businesses that are integral to your own success.

There are eleven categories and you can nominate just one or as many as you like.

Dealership of the year
Hire company of the year
Heavy machine of the year
Medium machine of the year
Compact machine of the year
Attachment of the year
Consultancy of the year (Safety, finance, insurance, recruitment)
Salesperson of the year
Service department of the year
Technological innovation of the year
Industry legend / Hall of fame

Each category winner will emerge from thorough, independent review and will be showcased here in Australian Earthmoving, in Plant Specs Australia 2021 edition and across all of our associated digital platforms.

If you have a machine, attachment or service that you love. If you have a dealership or rep that you feel goes above and beyond then log on now and tell us who, what and why.

For more information or to nominate now visit earthmovingawards.com.au


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