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Site or quarry dewatering? Use pumps that prime!

Pumps play a major role in the construction industry. They’re indispensable in keeping sites and quarries dry enough to operate.
Australian Pump Industries, Australia’s leader in the self-priming centrifugal trash pump market, have done a lot to develop wet prime pumps on what has traditionally been a dry prime pump application.Most dewatering applications involve some solids handling and the ability to move large amounts of potentially contaminated waters. To move large volumes of water fast, most operators use diesel drive pumps, many with flows up to 6,000 lpm.
What makes the Aussie Pumps option so attractive is the simplicity of the pump design. A non clog, open impeller is designed to handle slurry and solids. A huge integrated tank in the pump’s body holds the liquid required for fast self-priming.

When the company introduced it’s big 6” self priming trash pumps, both the mining industry and construction sat up and took notice. The pumps also feature an easy- access front opening port, enabling the pump to be serviced without disconnecting hoses or pipework. A choked pump can be cleared within a minutes and back in action fast.
Aussie’s big 6” pump is powered by an 80hp Deutz air cooled diesel engine. The heavy-duty skid features a 152 litre fuel tank, that enables it to run continuously for eleven hours and an integrated lifting bar. It can also be configured into a robust site trailer for easy movement where required.

The Aussie MQ600TD with the non clog, open impeller, designed to handle slurry and solids

The Deutz diesel engine is fitted with engine protection and the Lofa DL240 controller. With major mines and quarries moving to wet prime pumps , Aussie is planning to build an 8” guzzler that will move dirty water up to 9,000 lpm!

Further information including a copy of Aussie’s new Pump Smart pump catalogue is readily available online or by calling an authorised distributor throughout Australia.
For more information call 02 8865 3500 or visit aussiepumps.com.au




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