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 SP1000 The latest innovation designed and manufactured locally by ShoulderMaster.

The SP1000 is a simple to use, tandem-axel binder spreader trailer purpose built for insitu stabilisation.

This trailer is cost effective because it is accurate and has proven capable of consistent spread rates of plus or minus 10%, and with a hopper capacity of 1.8m3 and product spread width of 1600mm, and is ideal for pavement patching works or local subgrade stabilisation of wet areas.

The SP1000 features a large opening access hatch for ease of loading and wireless remote control which can be used by a ground operator or from within the cab of the tow vehicle. At the heart of the SP1000 is a 12 Volt hydraulic motor supported by a 200amp deep cycle battery with in-built battery charger, control panel and emergency stop that makes its operation both simple and very reliable.

This amazing unit is purpose-built for insitu road stabilisation – a process with inherent environmental benefits over conventional road repair methods. In situ stabilization significantly reduces waste generation through the reuse and reconditioning of existing pavement material. The need to quarry, process and delivery replacement material is also eliminated.

The small size of the SP1000 enables in situ stabilisation to take place in locations that otherwise wouldn’t be achievable with conventional spreader trucks. It’s perfectly sized for patching works, road shoulders or areas with restricted access or maneuverability.

The SP1000 has been designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind with the spreading mechanism driven by an electric motor and power sourced from an onboard rechargeable battery.

Operation of the spreader mechanism is undertaken via remote control, with workers able to operate the spreader from distances up to 60m from the work. This eliminates the need for workers on foot to be positioned within close proximity of moving plant and equipment. Workers are also able position themselves clear of any fugitive dust generated by the spreading or other adjacent work activities.

The SP1000 includes a number of other safety features as standard. Operation is controlled by a dead-man switch that automatically ceases spreading operation if the operator releases hand pressure from the controls. The trailer is fitted with an onboard emergency stop and operational hazard lights. The access stairs and platform to open the hopper hatch also feature safety railing and non-slip tread.

The easy operation only requires a two-man crew perfect for small patches when you don’t want to be using your large spreaders on site that require big daily costs.

The SP1000 holds a full 1 tonne bag and can be easily refilled onsite with no need to have a tanker on standby.

For more information call  02 5532 9010 or visit www.shouldermaster.com.au



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