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Speed-Forma. More than meets the eye.

Speed-Forma is a revolutionary product that has been designed and built to help you improve your land forming efficiency.

The more efficiently we maintain our flood irrigation paddocks and form our dry land into a better yielding asset, the greater the gain. The design, size and capacity of the machines is a choice match with the technology we use today; this allows us to maximize the benefit of the technology. Speed-Forma also allows you to keep soil compaction to a minimum while land forming by reducing your in paddock traffic and also by using equipment better suited to the job which is lighter in weight.

Following the release of the CG2000XL the Speed-Forma has proven to be able to finish grade and regrade paddocks at over twice the rate of other machines and even cut out other processes post crop and prior to planting. 

Trevor Warr, an earthmoving contractor from Griffith NSW and proud owner of a 20ft Speed-Forma, has been moving dirt for over 30 years and says that he is able to produce about 14km per hour which equates to around 21 acres per hour. This is an extraordinary increase in productivity and is more than twice the pace he can achieve with his regular 16ft buckets. Trevor’s clients have proven that they can plant wheat directly into new irrigation bays that have been finished with the Speed-Forma with very satisfying results. Water is extremely precious and the perfect level finish means these farms are achieving the maximum yield out of every drop. Trevor says that land forming and re-grading this efficiently means he can justify putting a laser or GPS machine over his paddocks instead of a grader giving far better results. This Australian designed and made machine is a fine example of quality Australian engineering. 

For more information visit speedforma.com.au or call 1800  60 88 50.


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