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Stainless Cleaner Sizzles!

A new stainless steel, high pressure hot water cleaner has been released by Australian Pump Industries. The Aussie Sizzler is designed to increase cleaning effiency with hot water and comes with a range of high quality features.

“We designed this hot water pressure cleaner to suit Aussie users in demanding markets like the earthmoving and automotive,” said Aussie Pumps’ product manager Mal Patel. “It’s loaded with features and is built like a tank,” he said.

The single phase machine is suitable for professional cleaning with capabilities up to 1,740 psi and 80oC steam. Adding a turbo for industrial applications increases the effective working pressures to 2,175 psi.

The stainless steel cover is a practical upgrade from brittle plastic covers that are prone to split if knocked or dropped. The cover lifts off for easy access to internals for maintenance and service.

The cleaner also has a robust steel chassis and built in bumper as well as 4 big solid tyred wheels for easy mobility around the factory, yard, or even shopping centres. An integrated moulded accessories holder keeps accessories on hand and protects them when not in use.

The heart of the new Aussie Sizzler hot water blaster is a quality Italian heavy duty slow speed triplex pump. “Using a slow speed pump and motor substantially increases operating life, virtually doubling longevity” said Patel.

“We’ve worked hard to deliver a high quality machine at an affordable price”, said Patel. “This means that industries traditionally using a cold water machine, now have the option to go ‘hot’ with the improved efficiency that it brings”, he said.

The new machine incorporates a wide range of features that enhance performance and add value. These include a timed Total Stop device that cuts the machine after the operator releases the trigger. A “MICRO-LEAK” control shuts the machine down if a leak is detected in the high pressure system.

Further information is available from Australian Pump Industries at www.aussiepumps.com.au


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