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The all-new Anaconda J12 Jaw Crusher has arrived in Australia

Anaconda Equipment, one of the leading manufacturers within the material handling/processing industry have now introduced a new innovative crushing equipment range. This offering has seen Anaconda introduce a jaw crusher and impact crusher to the already extensive product portfolio known for scalpers, screens, trommels, conveyors and feeder loaders.

The first Anaconda jaw crusher has now arrived on Australian shores.

The J12 Jaw Crusher is an aggressive and powerful mobile jaw crusher, boasting the proven ability of McLanahan’s Universal Crushers Jaw Chamber 1100mm x 700mm (44” x 26”) within an innovative Anaconda Tracked Solution. The J12 utilizes an extremely fuel efficient and powerful Hydraulic System which allows the machine to provide excellent levels of productivity in applications such as Recycling, Contracting and Quarrying.

The J12 is powered by a 283kw Cummins engine with load sensing hydraulics.

The machine has capacity of up to 300 tonnes per hour.

The ability to switch between a doglead remote control or radio remote control makes transporting the machine easy and safe and to the operator’s preference.

A level sensor to start / stop the feeder when the jaw overfills is one of many handy standard factory features.

Other standard factory features which are typically optional, are side dirt conveyor to remove fines from the feed before entering the jaw and increasing production, magnet to remove ferrous objects and protect downstream equipment and hydraulic raising/lowering main conveyor to provide superior maintenance access.

Alistair Forsyth, CEO and Group Managing President of Anaconda had this to say on the latest crushing division “The J12 Tracked Jaw Crusher is fitted with a 44” (1100mm) x 26” (700mm) direct hydraulic drive Universal Crusher Jaw Chamber. The chamber comes with full hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic tramp release and reset as standard. The direct hydraulic drive means the unit can also be run in reverse to satisfy a multitude of customer applications”.

Sam Powell is the National Sales Manager for Industrial Material Handling at Onetrak and has been involved in the set-up of the new J12: “No one likes to be the guinea pig, especially when it comes to investing in a key asset for production. Onetrak is no different. We took the jump so the local operator didn’t have to”, Sam explains.

After viewing machines overseas, and extensive Anaconda testing and machine revisions Onetrak brought a unit into Australia. After an internal pre-delivery process, the jaw was put to work in a quarry in Melbourne.

“From tracking off the float until the end of the testing the jaw impressed with its performance. The auto-run mode allowed the machine to begin operation at the press of a button. The pre-screen handled the heavy fines feed flawlessly with no leakage or overrun. The jaw never slowed or bogged even with large feed sizes – primarily due to the J12’s factory level sensor, automatically adjusting the feeder speed to ensure the jaw was never overfilled, or even worse, running empty”, Sam adds.

Crushing a 600mm- Sandstone feed down to a 65mm CSS the J12 managed to keep the feeding 37 tonne excavator busy.

“It was very impressive how quickly and easily the jaw could transition from transport, to operating, to optimising, to ultimately packing back up for transport. This would be an ideal machine for a contractor as the set-up time is minimal, meaning production can commence quickly, ensuring you are maximising your production hours/week. The hydrostatic drive and full suite of factory standard options creates an incredibly versatile machine, capable of handling recycling applications, sticky/wet materials, and both soft and hard minerals”, Sam concludes.

We also spoke to Jason MacDonald, Onetrak’s Product Manager for Crushing & Screening who gave us some insight into the development of the crushing range “McLanahan’s Universal Jaw Crushers division have been building crushers since 1906. During initial discussions with Anaconda about the crushing line, it was very reassuring to know that it was a proven jaw box being fitted with an impressive record and long heritage in the crushing industry”.

Onetrak purposely waited for the new crushing line from Anaconda to be tested out overseas before committing to bringing it to Australia. This was to ensure customers get a guaranteed tested and proved machine.

“The J12 jaw has impressed in its first trials in Melbourne Sandstone. In my experience distance and time zones can cause issues with new product releases. I’m pleased to say that after the standard Onetrak PDI process, the commissioning went very smoothly and the features will be of great benefit to contractors, quarry operations, recycling operations and mining operations. Straight off the float and unfolded for operation it went to work dealing with -600mm feed with a large percentage of fines. The feeder easily dealt with the fines removal and the jaw easily dealt with the large rock”, Jason adds.

Key features of the Anaconda J12;
• 3 different jaw speeds – 250rpm, 275rpm and 300 rpm to suit the product being crushed
• Full time reverse crushing when required for asphalt, heavy clay feed or sticky materials
• Crusher reverse to clear blockages
• Crusher jog function to clear blockages
• CSS changes on the fly
• Full hydraulic CSS adjustment
• Hydraulic tramp relief with 3 large cylinders
• Highly efficient Cummins L9 diesel engine
• Load Sensing Hydraulic Pumps
• Feeder Level Sensor to maintain 75% full crushing level
• Main Conveyor lowers for maintenance
• Magnet fitted as standard
• Dirt conveyor fitted as standard
• Doglead and Radio remote as standard
• 460mm discharge height from crusher box to belt (without deflector plate) giving it one of the best heights in its class to deal with rebar

“During the trials the J12 was teamed with the Anaconda DF410 scalping screen and the mighty little screen running a 60mm Punch Plate Top Deck and 20mm Mesh Bottom Deck was able to keep up with the feed from a 37 tonne excavator and the J12 feeder running at 60%. Very impressive”, Jason concludes.

Anaconda Equipment is distributed by Onetrak in Australia. Onetrak’s national dealer network of service, sales and spare parts ensures all Anaconda customers are well supported nationally.

Onetrak partners with its customers and ensures the support extends past the initial purchase. From enquiry Onetrak’s dedicated crushing and screening specialists can offer guidance and advice around what machinery will best suit the intended application. At the time of delivery Onetrak’s product specialists together with the service department will come to site to do a full commission of the new machine and ensure it’s all running at optimal levels so you can get the most out of your new investment.

Onetrak also offers flexible purchase solutions including Rent-To-Buy.

To learn more about Anaconda Equipment or to enquire visit www.onetrak.com.au



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