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The New Cat® 315 GC An Excavator That Fits Your Jobsite And Your Wallet

Caterpillar designed the Cat 315 GC Next Generation compact radius excavator with a larger cab, lower maintenance cost up to 25%, and reduced fuel consumption up to 15% when compared to the previous 315F L model.

Similar to the 315 machine, the 315 GC is a 15-metric-ton excavator, part of Caterpillar’s small excavator lineup, sandwiched between the 13-metric-ton 313 and the 18-metric-ton 317. This is a machine suitable for use in a wide variety of jobs and industries. Grade work, slope work, trenching, loading, utility work—you name it, the 315 GC can tackle it.

A compact radius machine with a 1.5m tail swing radius, the 315 GC is easy to maneuver and transport. Operators will be able to get into tight spaces for digging and lifting. With a maximum digging depth of 5.99 meters and a maximum loading height of 7.2 meters, this machine compares very favorably with much larger machines.

The new electronically controlled hydraulics have made for both faster control response and higher hydraulic flow. Operators can conveniently track filter life and maintenance intervals on the in-cab LCD monitor. All daily maintenance checkpoints, including engine oil level, are easily accessible from ground-level.

Just like the 315, the 315 GC larger cab design improves ingress/ egress plus boosts operator comfort and productivity. The spacious Cat comfort cab offers a low-profile design plus larger front, rear and side windows with narrow cab pillars to provide a 60% greater vertical visibility compared to the Cat 315F excavator, enhancing safe operation. The viscous cab mounts has also reduced vibration.

The new cab is key to the customer experience. The ergonomically designed, ROPS cab now sees all controls in front of the operator, a touch screen monitor for ease of use and a seat and consoles offering comfort in even the most aggressive applications.





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