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The New Cat® GC Machines Without the Bells and Whistles

Built with the same CAT DNA and unmatched dealer support that is trusted worldwide, the new Cat GC range of machines brings you more choice than ever before.

There is a customer base within the construction industry that do not need the bells and whistles found on the performance range machines and are price sensitive. The answer lies in the new GC machines. These machines are built for customers that need a reliable and fuel-efficient machine that will help minimize their owning and operating costs and supported by their local CAT dealer.

For years, Cat machines have set the standard for quality and helping our customers make more money. The newest range of GC models are built to deliver on the same CAT brand promise at a price that may surprise you.

Currently in the ANZ market, Caterpillar® has released the 320 GC, 330 GC and 336 GC hydraulic excavators as well as the 950 GC medium wheel loader.  The CS11GC, 140GC, 740GC and 966GC will be introduced before the end of 2019. The affordable pricing with solution bundling options is an attractive consideration for many customers seeking a standard machine.

The new Cat 320 GC, one of three Next Generation Excavators in the 20-ton size class, offers the ideal balance of dependable performance, operator productivity features, reduced fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs. It’s a smart choice for operations where high reliability and low cost-per-hour performance are the priorities.

“We have the same design team and quality standards to match the customer’s expectations. It says CAT on the side, we can’t compromise the quality. We don’t trade off on reliability.” Rob Leo says, Regional Excavator Product Application Specialist for Asia Pacific.

Caterpillar’s new 950 GC wheel loader joins the 950M to offer value to customers whose light- to medium-duty work makes them more sensitive to cost per hour than cost per unit of production.

“Our customers couldn’t be happier. It’s a winner particularly in rental. For customers looking at availability and matched performance, it’s a good price point.” Says Dick Mars, Regional Medium Wheel Loader Product Application Specialist for Asia Pacific.

In addition, when you purchase these machines, you can get the all-round support you expect from Caterpillar with the CAT® 360° Advantage – an extra bundle of products and services designed to increase your productivity, reduce operating costs and lower risk.

Contact your local Cat dealer to customize local offers to best meet your needs and deliver the most value to your business.

Over the next few years, Caterpillar will release a wide range of GC machines for different applications, expanding beyond 8 models to 27 models by 2020. This means more choices at different price points for the customers. This can only mean good news.


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