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THE NEW WAY OF TRENCHING Kemroc Chain Cutters.

The Kemroc EK range of Chain Cutters are the first of their type on the market. Designed for use on excavators from 2 to 70 tons, they are the ideal attachment for cutting rock with a uniaxial compressive strength up to 120 MPa. They are an efficient, vibration-free attachment for the excavation of deep narrow trenches with the optimal trench profile. Trench width ranges from 480mm up to 1,300mm.

Kemroc EK Chain Cutters excavate trenches no wider than absolutely necessary. The continuous chain, driven by the cutter drums, removes the material automatically from the space between the cutter drums. With standard drum cutters, the need to remove this material on technical grounds always results in trenches wider than the cutter. Keeping trenches to the minimum width possible saves unnecessary transport costs for removal of cut material and fill material becomes cheaper. The material produced by the chain cutter is fine grained and is ideal for use as backfill.

Kemroc EK Chain Cutters reduce wear and tear on the excavator swing gear. In addition, they give a 40 percent energy saving for equivalent production rates compared to conventional rotary drum cutters without the central chain.

Kemroc are a German based company with over 20 years’ experience developing and manufacturing cutter attachments for excavators and backhoe loaders. Attention during production and assembly guarantees the highest level of quality and reliability.

Coast 2 Coast Attachments on the east coast and Monty Products Australia on the west coast are now the exclusive distributors for the complete range of Kemroc products in Australia. With sub dealers set up all around the country you can be confident in the support you’ll get when purchasing a Kemroc Cutter.

For more information contact the Kemroc dealer nearest to you:

Australian East Coast: Coast 2 Coast Attachments – Luke Preston 0409 649 710

Australian West Coast: Monty Products Australia – Greg Sharpless 0417 866 000




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