In partnership with Schibeci, ASV Sales and Services recently delivered a brand new ASV RT-135 Posi-Track and a Schibeci attachment to a council customer that needed to upgrade their older machine.

A council representative that wanted to stay anonymous said: “We reached out to five different companies and just from previously owning a Terex Posi-Track for eight years, the superior reliability and ASV’s customer service made us return and buy the RT-135. As the road networks have grown, the RT-135 is a far more superior machine to stabilise our pavement relay, as a cost-effective option and we obtain far more square meters done throughout a project,”

When it comes to heavy-duty construction and road maintenance projects, having the right equipment is essential. A machine and attachment that have gained popularity with council and construction companies are the RT-135 and the Schibeci ST1000. While they serve different purposes, this machine and attachment can be used in tandem to achieve outstanding results in grinding and milling applications.

‘’The RT-135 Posi-Track is currently the only machine rated in the market with the hydraulic flow to power the Schibeci ST1000,” said the council representative. It’s one thing to have the most powerful hydraulic performance but you also have a cooling package that will enable you to perform 100% duty cycles through the hottest of days in the middle of summer. This is where the Posi-Track loaders have no competition. “It’s far more superior from our old machine and the guys cannot promote it enough. We’ve now doubled our square meter rates per day to what we used to mill out and fill in. We can now run our own blend with the speed of the drum, where previously we couldn’t control the way that the machine was cutting. It’s made the project safer, more reliable, and you’re getting a better product.’’


The ASV RT-135 MAX -Series Posi-Track

Let’s start with the RT-135 Posi-Track. This compact track loader is part of the ASV MAX-Series line-up and known for its power and versatility, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of projects. Equipped with a turbocharged Cummins 3.8l diesel engine, the RT-135 delivers exceptional performance and reliable power even under the toughest conditions.

One of the standout features of the RT-135 is its patented Posi-Track™ technology. This unique system gives the machine excellent traction and flotation on any terrain, ensuring it can navigate through muddy or soft surfaces with ease. Its superior ground clearance and low ground pressure also make it suitable for sensitive environments, such as wetlands or areas with fragile vegetation.

The RT-135 is highly manoeuvrable, thanks to its compact design and skid-steer capabilities. It can easily access confined spaces and navigate tight corners, making it suitable for both large-scale construction sites and smaller, more challenging work areas. Its enhanced visibility from the spacious cab allows operators to handle the machine with precision and safety.

The Schibeci ST1000

Now, let’s move on to the Schibeci ST1000. This attachment transforms the RT-135 into a powerful milling machine, making it capable of removing old road surfaces, creating rumble strips, or leveling uneven pavement. With its robust construction and efficient design, the ST1000 delivers outstanding results in a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods.

Additionally, the ST1000 comes with a dust extraction system, which effectively captures and removes dust particles generated during the milling process. This not only ensures a cleaner working environment but also reduces the risk of respiratory issues for operators and nearby workers.

Combining the RT-135 with the ST1000 is a winning combination for grinding and milling projects. It provides the power, versatility, and manoeuvrability needed to navigate varied terrains and confined spaces, while the ST1000 brings the efficiency and precision required for milling and grinding applications.

Whether you’re involved in road construction, renovation projects, or any application that requires grinding or milling, the RT-135 and ST1000 can help you achieve exceptional results. Together, they offer a seamless integration of power, performance, and efficiency, making them the go-to choose for many professionals in the field.

Also recommended for use with an ASV RT-120 Posi-Track or Terex PT-100G / PT-110, the guys at Schibeci will be the first to tell you, nothing runs their attachments like an ASV Posi-Track!

Schibeci and ASV Sales & Service also offer a smaller ST600 model, designed for similar usage on a smaller scale.

For more information on the ASV RT-135 Posi-Track Loaders and Schibeci ST1000, contact your local dealer to schedule a demo or product walkaround at www.asvaus.com.


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