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The ShoulderMaster SM2100

ShoulderMaster SM2100 – Overview

The ShoulderMaster SM2100 is a skid steer/wheeled loader shoulder paving attachment designed specifically to rehabilitate and widen road shoulders, widening roads from 500mm out to 2.3m wide. The ShoulderMaster SM2100 can lay either gravel or asphalt materials with the screed dropping below existing pavement of 150mm and 100mm above allowing you to precisely place materials in multiple layers with gradients up to 5%.


ShoulderMaster SM2100 – Features

The ShoulderMaster SM2100 has a tubular steel chassis supported by dual full swivel wheels located at the front of the unit. The rear of the unit is manufactured to facilitate ease of attachment to skid steer or wheeled loader which hydraulically operates and propels the unit. The ShoulderMaster SM2100 is compatible with all major brands such as; Bobcat, Cat, Case, Terex, JCB, John Deer and more.

The ShoulderMaster SM2100 is connected to the host machine’s hydraulic system via two quick release high flow hydraulic hoses. A 12V connection is also required between the skid-steer electrical output and the ShoulderMaster SM2100. As the skid steer or loader is essentially needed as a power pack the optimal hydraulic flow required is 80L per minute (standard flow).

The ShoulderMaster SM2100 is supplied with a modular screed which is designed to provide optimal delivery and placement of granular material or asphalt at a high rate of dispersal. Construction materials (asphalt or granular material) are loaded into the main internal hopper at the front of the ShoulderMaster SM2100 by the tipping action of the delivery truck. The rear wheels of the tipping truck make contact upon reversing with a set of horizontal rollers which are aligned with the tipping truck rear wheels. The skid steer or loader propels both the ShoulderMaster SM2100 and tipping truck together in a forward motion and also controls the speed of the operation. The ShoulderMaster SM2100 is also fitted with a video camera that is connected to a video monitor in the cabin of the skid steer or wheeled loader which allows the operator to make ongoing adjustments to direction or speed of the skid steer or loader.

The ShoulderMaster SM2100 has a vertical screed adjustment from 100mm above the existing surface to 150mm below controlled by a hydraulic cylinder located in the main body of the unit, and has a horizontal adjustment range from 500mm to 2300mm. The ShoulderMaster SM2100 also has a hydraulic tilt function for grade control which allows for materials to be placed on grades from 0 degrees to +/- 5 degrees.

The ShoulderMaster SM2100 is driven by an independent variable speed hydraulic drive system (skid steer or wheeled loader) with the mechanisms being controlled on the ShoulderMaster SM2100 by a sectional valve hydraulic operation. The valve bank is controlled via a hand-held radio control unit (HRRCU). The system is designed to allow for the unit to be controlled remotely outside the safety exclusion work-zone where the ‘train’ of vehicles (skid steer/wheeled loader, ShoulderMaster SM2100 and tipping truck) is operating. This remote-control operation provides greater operator safety to reduce the risk of injury to the worker-on-foot as the remote control can be used up to 10 meters from the machine, removing the worker on foot from the danger zone.

Walcha Council July 2020 – shoulder widening process

ShoulderMaster SM2100 – Increasing Road Safety and Cost Effective

The ShoulderMaster SM2100 is ideal for increasing the safety of roads in known black spots throughout the nation by repairing road shoulder edge breaks and widening narrow roads. Roads Australia reports that the relatively inexpensive fixes to road shoulders can reduce the risk of single vehicle lane departure crashes by up to two thirds. The ShoulderMaster SM2100 offers custodians of road networks the most cost effective and efficient option available, reducing the cost of shoulder rehabilitation by 50-60% when being compared to that of traditional methods, and driving road repair budgets further.

A regional Victorian Council, who traditionally use conventional shoulder renewal construction methodology requiring any remaining material on the shoulder to be boxed out, new material replaced via truck, graded and rolled would spend $101,300 per kilometre for approximately 3km of road both sides. This was typically due to the truck used being 2.1m wide meaning there was a minimum width lay of 2.0m, nearly double the shoulder and seal widening work requirements of widths between 1.0m and 1.5m, doubling the material costs and adding to Council’s financial liability. Using the purpose built ShoulderMaster SM2100, the Victorian Council was able to complete 14km of shoulder widening works for $42,500 per kilometre reducing the capital cost of renewing shoulders and allowing Council to catch up on 10 years of not investing in road shoulders.


ShoulderMaster – The Story

100% Australian owned and manufactured, ShoulderMaster designs and manufacturers purposed built road construction equipment that address the inefficiencies and safety concerns associated with existing equipment and traditional methods of road construction.

A combination of industry experience, observation, initiative and an innovative approach led to the development of ShoulderMaster’s first product in 2015, the ShoulderMaster SM1500 now superseded by the ShoulderMaster SM2100, Australia’s first universal skid steer/wheel loader shoulder paving attachment.

Since then, ShoulderMaster has designed and developed a purpose built fleet of construction equipment that is highly sort after by civil construction companies and Councils across Australia for purchase and hire.

Catching the eye of the international market, ShoulderMaster now exports to the US and UK and have future plans to expand to New Zealand and Canada.

See the ShoulderMaster SM2100 in action:

The Process – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5Aq42MdZhM

Setting Up – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N50eC5-Qho8


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