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The worlds most powerful compact track loaders

The MAX-Series RT-135 and RT-135F Posi-Tracks.

“The RT-120 has been an institution of the compact track loader world for years, thanks to its unmatched performance, power and efficiency. Now, however, we’ve raised the benchmark even higher with the largest, most powerful Posi-Track in Australia – the RT-135, with its 132 horsepower Cummins engine, 189 litres of hydraulic flow and 488 Newton metres of torque,” said Paul Barry, National Sales & Marketing Manager for ASV Sales & Service.

Featuring 10% more horsepower than its predecessor, the ASV RT-120, the all-new RT-135 gives operators the ability to maintain best-in-class machine performance while operating high-flow attachments. That maximum power is paired with a premium operator experience, as the completely upgraded loader is part of the new MAX-Series lineup, with all the line’s superior comfort and ease-of-use features ASV operators have come to know and appreciate over the years.

In addition, an optional Forestry variant of the RT-135 is outfitted with forestry-rated guarding and safety features, and is ideal for brush cutting, mulching, land clearing and other high-flow applications.

“But the benefits don’t end with size and power; the new MAX-Series cab is a massive jump forward in terms of operator comfort, space, control and technology,” continues Paul. “The touchscreen display gives complete awareness and control of machine performance and maintenance, the enhanced windows offer 360 degree visibility, a much-improved air conditioning and heating system keeps the cab climate consistent and comfortable, and there’s even a Bluetooth radio for easy linking to your phone.”

Power & Productivity
ASV held nothing back when designing the RT-135 and RT-135F models. The Cummins engine boasts an industry-leading 132 horsepower. That, combined with an enormous 189 LPM maximum auxiliary flow — also the industry’s highest — allows the RT-135 to transfer more engine power to the attachment with no sacrifices to machine performance. Furthermore, extra oil is reserved by the pump to ensure that operators can run high-flow attachments, such as mulchers, at full speed while moving the loader and without slowing down the tool. That directly translates to more productivity from your machine.

The RT-135’s fuel tank tops out at 196 litres – 83 litres larger than its predecessor, the RT-120 – which ensures minimal downtime for refueling and therefore maximised profitability.

Plus the RT135 Forestry has beefed up the tipping load capacity from 4,853kg – in the RT120 – up to 5,379kg, making sure even the heaviest loads are handled with ease all operating at a top speed of 16km/hr.

Premium In-Cab Experience
The RT-135 brings the hallmark MAX-Series benefits to provide the best possible operator experience. The new machine features the lineup’s premium 360-degree visibility for unmatched workspace awareness, plus standard LED lighting, optional side lighting and new taillights make it even easier to see around the outside of the machine in lowlight conditions – making the visibility from the cab absolutely unrivalled.

The RT-135 also includes all the comforts of the MAX-Series as standard: a more spacious cab accessible to virtually all body types, a one-sided lap bar making exit and entry easier, and the industry’s most customisable seat and arm rests. Additionally, dusty, debris-ridden forestry work is cleaner, quieter and more temperature stable with the RT-135’s pressurised all-weather cab.

In addition, the state-of-the-art 7-inch touch-screen display provides vital monitoring tools, displays the view from the backup camera, and integrates with service history and schedules. It also allows for service scheduling, job management, passcode operator lockout, idle time tracking and more. The in-cab experience is also enhanced through Bluetooth radio allowing operators to listen to music and take calls wirelessly.

Intuitive operator controls benefit operators of all skill levels and a dual throttle option – a standard MAX-Series feature – which allows operation at a set RPM with the joystick controls and the ability to increase the RPM with the foot throttle without the need to adjust the dial.

Operators can match the RT-135 to their skill level and needs with advanced operator control customisation. An upgraded drive control system provides smoother, more responsive controls that can be adjusted to speed modes matching the operator’s experience level and preference. Operators can further optimise the machine for their attachment with adjustable high flow and flow sharing options.

Operator Safety
With safety at the forefront of the RT-135’s design, particular attention was paid to ensuring the RT-135 Forestry variant was built more than durable enough to withstand even the most challenging vegetation management tasks.

ASV built the frameless door with 3/4-inch polycarbonate with enough strength to allow the elimination of the cross beam; improving visibility compared to the RT-120F. The rugged side panels are manufactured with 1/2-inch polycarbonate, and a limb riser is also built in for additional guarding. Because of the reinforced cab and high-strength polycarbonate, the RT-135F is the only compact track loader in the industry to meet level 2 safety standards, the same as dedicated forestry equipment. These include operator protective structure, impact, falling object, and rollover ISO standards.

In addition, the inclusion of a roof escape hatch on both the RT-135 and RT-135F models helps to improve operator safety in emergency situations. In fact, ASV is the only manufacturer to include an escape hatch on its compact track loaders and skid steers.

Maximum Serviceability & Reliability
ASV custom-built the RT-135 and RT-135F for the most demanding construction, earthmoving, agriculture and forestry work. On the RT-135F in particular, guarding around the light and radiator improves durability, and the hood is now built from heavy-gauge steel, offering maximum protection to the engine area.

Debris has fewer places to penetrate the RT-135’s tough exterior, thanks to a fuel tank that intersects with the cab for a tighter seal. ASV designed the entire RT-135 to reduce debris ingestion, manufacturing the machine with limited openings and foam seals blocking exposed areas for a cleaner undercarriage and engine compartment. In addition, sealed fuse panels keep vital components clean and dry.

Operator maintenance is made easier with convenient access features on both models. A swing-out door and cooling system provides open access to filters and other daily checkpoints. In addition, a larger top hood with a flat screened opening improves over the previous ribbed design, plus prop rods on the hoods and hinge-up air conditioning condenser, allow simple cleaning. Tilting belly pans below the machine ensures that clearing out debris an easy task compared to alternative manufacturer designs that either don’t include belly pans at all, or include ones that are difficult to clean.

Upgraded Undercarriage
The RT-135’s undercarriage is upgraded for maximum performance under the additional weight compared to the RT-120. Redesigned torsion axles are 20% stronger than their predecessors, bearing the weight of the machine while allowing the track to flex over obstacles and reduce impact to the operator and attachment. Furthermore, heavy duty reinforced wheel hubs and bearings enhance durability.

Whilst stronger and more durable, the RT-135 undercarriage also retains the patented benefits shared with its smaller siblings in the ASV Posi-Track range. The RT-135’s dedicated frame includes 381 millimetres of ground clearance, allowing it to travel over obstacles with less risk of getting caught. ASV’s Posi-Track system also features a flexible track and an open-rail and internal positive drive-sprocket undercarriage, allowing for more traction, longer wear life and faster, and more convenient cleaning. Furthermore, a large number of ground contact points combine with 508mm-wide tracks, to spread the machine’s weight for a notably low 4.6 psi overall ground pressure – this allows more flotation and traction on steep, slippery and wet ground, plus enhanced control and remarkable pushing capabilities. The wide, flexible track also maintains more contact with the ground than other designs, helping to virtually eliminate the risk of track derailment.

ASV also stands behind the reliability of its entire range of Posi-Track loaders, with an industry leading 2-year, 2,000-hour warranty, including the industry’s first and only no-derailment guarantee.

For more information on the RT-135 and RT-135F, plus additional options and attachments available, contact your local dealer to schedule a demo or product walkaround at www.asvaus.com.




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