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The Xcentric Ripper, a revolutionary excavator attachment

The Xcentric Ripper is an original and a revolutionary excavator attachment that does demolition and excavation work in less time, for lower cost, with minimum noise and vibration. Economical & financial demands in the market are always pushing for increased performance and production output in rock excavation and demolition. At the same time owners and operators are asking for lower maintenance costs, less down time, and better warranty conditions.

The future of bulk rock excavation work is here now with the range of Xcentric rippers to suit excavators from 10 ton up to 150 ton excavators. The Xcentric ripper is an impacting & vibrating ripper that depending on application, is often 3 to 5 times more productive than any hydraulic hammer on the market.

The Xcentric ripper has a patented impact energy accumulation technology that cannot be influenced or damaged from the outside by dust, water or dirt. This means it works well in the most severe conditions in tunnels, quarries & wet conditions. The Xcentric ripper even works in all kinds of underwater applications like in harbors, canals, dredging & open sea without making any expensive or complex changes to the ripper.

Other benefits include being able to work longer hours on sensitive job sites, due to minimum noise and vibration, which is a huge benefit for contractors working in populated urban environments. And with no daily greasing of ripper necessary (just service intervals), service costs are lower, less fuel used per m3 / ton produced and less emissions produced per m3 / ton produced. The units are also incredibly easy to operate, with increased operator comfort, and minimal training required.

Over the years Xcentric rippers have worked on major civil projects in Australia, New Zealand & PNG working on urban developments, major highway upgrades, dredging projects, quarries, dams & in remote areas in PNG making roads, with many owners purchasing additional rippers, all supported from Boss Head Office, in Sydney, as well as branches in NZ, WA, QLD & service facilities throughout Australia and the Pacific.

For more information call 1300 116 661 or visit bossattachments.com.au


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