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There’s a Norm Engineering attachment for you

Norm Engineering has grown from strength to strength and now boasts a large selection of earthmoving attachments to suit mini loaders, skid steers, track loaders, excavators, backhoes, telehandlers, and tractors.

Through listening to their customers, Norm Engineering’s Research and Development department are constantly providing solutions to the earthmoving industry. Their products are designed for strength, and durability, at an affordable price. With the factory based locally in Brisbane, most parts are available and ready to be dispatched immediately, this is advantageous to operators as this ensures little downtime.

Norm Engineering continues to be the leading Australian manufacturer of 4in1 Buckets. Based on this tried and tested bucket design, that has stood the test of time, Norm Engineering has expanded the bucket range to include the 4in1 Loader Bucket and 4in1 Pro Series Bucket. Designed stronger, with an extended floor, and bigger capacity, these buckets are suited to the larger track machines.

Adding a tilt to these buckets allows Operators to expand their range of working capabilities. The bucket range continues to grow and includes Grapple Buckets, Conveyor Buckets, Concrete Buckets, and a full range of Excavator Buckets!

To increase flexibility on your Mud Bucket, add a tilt or treat yourself to a Norm Engineering Tilting Quick Hitch, with the extraordinary 180° tilt feature. When it comes to Trench Buckets you have a choice of chisel or tiger teeth, however if you do not need teeth on your Trench Bucket, Gummy Buckets are available.

With a growing demand for road sweepers, Norm Engineering began with an open broom and now has a full range including an enclosed broom, 4in1 broom and angle broom. An optional gutter brush can be added to help reach those difficult areas. The Norm Engineering Angle and Tilt Dozer Blade, and stick rakes, proved to be outstanding attachments. It was inevitable that these two attachments would be combined to make the very successful Dozer Blade Stick Rake, with a dozer blade one side and stick rake the other, this attachment is unstoppable!!

The Grass Slashers are available in 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 7 ft, they are designed with a floating frame to follow undulating ground, and adjustable side skids to determine the grass cut height. With the introduction of the 7ft grass slasher, high flow options are now available. When it comes to ripping up hard ground, you cannot go past the Norm Engineering Rear Rippers. They are designed to suit each individual machine providing the best results. These attachments are spreading worldwide, and well worth the investment.

Norm Engineering Log and Rock Grabs are designed to suite 1.5 – 25 Tonne machines. The wide opening jaws and serrated edges make this a very sought-after attachment. The Norm Engineering Backhoe Arm increases the flexibility of your skid steer, with a trench bucket attached to a hydraulically operated dipper arm, the slewing feature allows you to dig and empty the bucket to the side, without leaving the cab. Keeping lawns intact while digging trenches on fields etc.

Through demonstrating outstanding service and providing quality products, it is not surprising that Rototilt® Sweden, chose Norm Engineering to be the Rototilt° Tiltrotator Distributor for both Australia and New Zealand. This is a partnership that works! There is a high quality, Australian made Norm Engineering attachment for every machine.

To find out more or to discuss which is best for you visit normeng.com.au or call 07 3376 3177.


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