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Toyota Forklifts keep on trucking for ETA Transport

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) prides itself on the class-leading durability and reliability of its forklift equipment, which has been experienced first-hand by Melbourne-based logistics company ETA Transport.

ETA Transport recently took delivery of a new Toyota 8FGK25 forklift, and for those who know ETA, it will come as no surprise that TMHA was at the top of its shopping list.

This is due to the logistics company experiencing years of impeccable performance from its existing 8FGK25 unit, which has clocked up over 30,000 hours of run time.

ETA Transport company director Rad Ivanic said the method of getting a Toyota forklift to such a high level of operation was actually quite simple.

“The secret to everything is service,” Mr Ivanic said. “You change the oil; you change the filters, and it will just keep on going. You need to service it regularly – if you take shortcuts then that’s when it starts breaking down.

“If you opened the oil compartment right now in that forklift, the oil’s clean. A little bit of TLC contributes to a longer life of your forklift.”

ETA has always been a TMHA patron, going back to Mr Ivanic’s former career as a forklift driver three decades ago where he was able to experience the class-leading performance of Toyota forklifts first-hand.

“I was a forklift driver, and my first forklift was a Toyota,” he said. “They just run, I know of other forklift companies, but Toyotas are just outstanding in the way they perform; their manoeuvrability, I just love it.”

Vicky Ivanic operating their new Toyota 8FGK25 forklift.

Excellent manoeuvrability is one of the most important factors for Mr Ivanic, with the compact 8FGK25 unit able to traverse the ETA Transport warehouse with ease.

“I like how compact the forklift is, you can get in tighter places, the manoeuvrability is easier, you don’t have to take that wider turn because of the compactness of it.”

Impeccable safety performance is of huge importance to TMHA as shown by Toyota’s exclusive “SAS” stability system and speed-limiting features, helping provide a safe working environment for warehouse operators.

Mr Ivanic also appreciated one of the forklift’s simpler features, with the addition of a windscreen on ETA’s equipment helping to protect operators from dust and debris.

“One thing that suits us is we have a glass screen in front of the forklift – we move a lot of pallets and the pallets have normally got dust and debris on them, so when we drive them, the wind doesn’t pick up the dust and throw it in your eyes,” he said.

“The glass protects you from that, so it’s a welcome safety aspect as well.”

Mr Ivanic also enjoyed the supreme ergonomic benefits of Toyota forklifts, including the wide and well-padded seats, and armrest that allows for easy and comfortable operation of the vehicle’s controls.

While TMHA prides itself on its safety and durability, excellent customer service is every bit as important, with ETA Transport developing a strong relationship with its area sales manager Grant Owen.

Mr Ivanic appreciates the service provided by Mr Owen and his team, offering prompt service and a helping hand wherever needed.

“They are so good, especially Grant,” he said. “He’s always there, even initially when I was interested in purchasing another forklift, he came to see me, and asked what I needed.

“I’m old-school, and you know that saying, ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’? With Toyota, it’s not broken, so I don’t fix it.”

He added that his experience with Toyota forklifts meant he would always recommend the company to other in the industry.

“I always recommend TMHA. I love the performance of the forklifts. You go drive other forklifts, and they sound like tractors.

“The smoothness, the way it drives, the way it lifts the product, there’s no jerkiness when shifting from forward to reverse. The way you drive it and the controls, everything just blends in.”

The addition of the new forklift will surely ease the burden on the existing unit, which is showing no signs of slowing down.

When asked what would become of the 30,000-hour forklift when it is eventually retired, Mr Ivanic joked that it belonged in a Toyota museum due to its incredible longevity.

In any case, ETA will be hoping the new forklift can show even half the longevity of its predecessor, providing comfortable and dependable performance for years to come.

ETA Transport was founded over 25 years ago in Wantirna. In the last five years they have moved from a 3500m2 warehouse to a larger 6500m2 facility in Dandenong South, with room for the business to grow.

There may come a time where ETA Transport will require a larger fleet of forklifts, and the excellent service and reliability provided by Toyota forklifts has ensured TMHA will be the first choice for ETA.

Toyota Material Handling Australia – 1800 425 438


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