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Triple Safety with the D-Lock Coupler Range

Earlier this year we reviewed the D-Lock and D-Lock Tilt couplers and the subtle changes Doherty had made to their hero products. Upon further assessment of the DH range, it’s evident these improvements have really enhanced the couplers’ already proven blueprint.

Like the Doherty team, we believe safety is paramount, so we took a good look at the Dual Pin Locking plus system (DPL+) which helps make the DH range one of the safest couplers on the market today.

The strength and sturdiness of the D-Lock Tilt Coupler handles heavy loads with ease, as seen here on one of K.V.A Excavations’ machines.

Doherty’s patented DPL+ system reassures the operator by having three impressive safety measures in place in the event of a loss of engagement force; both the front and rear pins are locked, and the primary jaw safety lock is backed up by an independent heavy-duty compression spring preventing the primary lock from releasing.

Additionally, because the jaw lock pawls are spring biased to the locked position, unlocking one of these marvels will only occur when the operator intends to do so in a controlled and safe manner.

The simple design of the D-Lock combined with the world leading safety features, makes the D-Lock one of the safest couplers on the market today.

Further to the D-Lock’s effective safety system, the most noticeable change is the overall strengthening of the coupler. Managing director, Jeremy Doherty says the chassis overhaul gives an even more compact design and improves the basic weldment strength. “We’ve shifted the lifting eye over to the left, forming an integral part of the side plate for structural integrity. It now also fits multiple bow shackle sizes while retaining a high, safe, working load.”

“Due to the advancement in power output of machines today; we’ve increased the cylinder size on the 240 and above models to match this power increase,” Jeremy highlights. “And 14t and above models now also feature multi-pin size pick up capability – another key feature increasing the versatility.”

The D-Lock is standard on the D-Lock Tilt and available for use on all Tiltrotators.

Along with its safety and efficiency, the simplicity of the DH range’s design continues to shine – due to having fewer parts than any other fully compliant, automatic double-lock coupler available in Australasia.

For more information contact: Doherty Couplers and Attachments AUS 1800 057 021 Email: [email protected]

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