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Unveiling the First SK100MSR-7 Digger in New Zealand

Shane Abernethy Makes Construction History with the Kobelco SK100MSR-7: A Game-Changing Digger in New Zealand

In the ever-evolving realm of construction, the quest for machinery that surpasses expectations has reached a historic milestone. Shane Abernethy, an excavation expert, recently made waves by selecting the Kobelco SK100MSR-7 excavator for his latest venture. Let’s delve into Shane’s journey and explore his groundbreaking experience with this exceptional machine.

A Memorable Occasion: Shane Abernethy from Abernethy Haulage, takes delivery of his recently acquired Kobelco SK100MSR-7 at the Kobelco New Zealand facility in Takanini.

Shane Abernethy from Abernethy Haulage, a seasoned professional in excavation, has etched his name in history as the proud first owner of the recently released SK100MSR-7 Digger in New Zealand. This Kobelco model, heralding a new era in construction technology and performance, is set to redefine industry standards.

Shane’s journey with the SK100 commenced with thorough research, initially considering various digger models in the same size and price range. Almost committed to another brand, fate intervened during a drive past Kobelco in Takanini. The SK100, with its optimal size and a chance encounter with Clive, became the pivotal choice that altered the course of Shane’s project.

Despite its size, the SK100 impresses with remarkable power and smooth operation. The well-appointed cab, equipped with a phone holder and drink holder, significantly enhances comfort during extended work hours. According to Shane, the SK100 feels more like a 12-tonne powerhouse than an 8 or 10-tonne machine, proving crucial in his current project involving digging into solid clay.

Working with Troydon Contractors, Shane tackles intricate tasks demanding precision, handling tricky footings and detailed cuts. The SK100’s power and finesse ensure the project aligns perfectly with construction requirements, making it the ideal choice for versatile applications.

Shane, with nearly three decades in the industry, emphasises the lucrative prospects in the digger business. His advice to newcomers is rooted in experience—try various diggers, seek guidance from professionals, and recognise the value of a versatile machine. Speaking highly of Kobelco, Shane notes the advanced features of the SK100, including power, fuel efficiency, and cutting-edge data capabilities that set it apart.

Shane’s pride in the current venture at the airport project is evident. The scale and variety of the work, with a focus on accuracy and health and safety, make it one of the most significant undertakings for his team. The robust boom of the Kobelco SK100MSR-7 is shaping the bustling landscape with unparalleled strength and accuracy at the heart of the Auckland airport project.

Shane Abernethy’s choice of the Kobelco SK100 is turning heads for good reason. It’s not just a digger; it’s a precision instrument that combines power, versatility, and advanced technology, making it a standout choice in the competitive world of construction. As the SK100 continues to prove its worth on diverse projects, it’s poised to become the go-to solution for those who demand excellence in every dig.

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