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You wouldn’t generally think about relationships at the same time as high-performance attachments, however at SBA, it’s those relationships that sets us apart.

Take our relationship with Arden Equipment.

Arden Equipment was founded in 1956 and is the only French manufacturer of hydraulic attachments for excavators. SBA is proud to be an authorised dealer of Arden Equipment in Australia and proud of the strong relationship that has been in place for 3 years. Sorting and Demolition Grabs
The Arden Equipment Sorting and demolition grabs are reliable and versatile and are used to easily pick, demolish, sort, load and recycle all your materials.
In their standard versions, all are fitted with a 360-degree rotation with crown, plus one or two motors. The rotation motors are protected against temporary excess pressure or excess flow, the motor does not require an additional drainage line. The top of the rotation features a drilling guide making it possible to quickly fix all types of adapter plate. They can also be selected without rotation.
The grabs are perfect for all demolition operations:
• The frame is reinforced using High Elasticity Limit, anti-abrasion steel for enhanced strength and service life
• The pins have been subjected to High Frequency treatment to harden them and give them an increased service life and strength
• Replaceable bolt on edges
They are also fully adapted to sorting waste and miscellaneous materials.
All shells are manufactured from anti-abrasion steel. They open perpendicular to the ground, making it possible to pick products even along a wall. This grip is also enhanced thanks to a very high force at the blade.
The product line was developed to cover all needs, including more specific requirements, hence, the existence of the special grab lines:
• Crossed 2 and 3 bars used to easily pick cylindrical items (culverts, tubes, logs etc)
• 2 and 3 notched bars for blocks ideal for picking large blocks
• Articulated pads specifically for picking blocks
• Manure
• Special Sugar Cane
• Seaweed
Depending on the models, there are three shell finishes available to cater to all needs:
1. Bar shells – making it possible to carry out almost all tasks
2. Rip-rap shells – ideal for handling stones and earth during rock-filling operations
3. Open shells
SBA currently have Arden sorting grabs in stock and ready and waiting to pick, demolish, sort, load or recycle all of your materials.
With over 40 years’ experience, SBA Earthmoving Attachment Specialists are renowned throughout Australia as a high quality and innovative manufacturer of buckets, quick hitches and other earthmoving attachments.

For more information on Arden Sorting Equipment or any SBA products call 1800 BUCKET, email [email protected] or visit salmonbuckets.com.au.



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