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Volvo ActiveCare: Your Smarter Solution to Proactive Machine Maintenance

Volvo Construction Equipment’s ActiveCare is the latest addition to their Uptime services network. Customers can now benefit from real-time insight into how their machine is performing, presenting an opportunity for customers to get the most out of their machines.

First released in 2016, Volvo CE announced Caretrack, the first step in their Uptime Service offerings. Caretrack offers a variety of optional features that effectively enhance productivity and equipment availability – and includes features such as geofencing, onboard weighing, machine tracking of usage/idling time and service planning.

CJD Equipment is now offering a complimentary ten-year free standard CareTrack connectivity package on new Volvo GPPE machines.

ActiveCare is the next step to Caretrack, allowing fleet managers to get extra insights into their machines. This upgraded telematics system provides real-time insights and data analytics, helping customers optimise the performance, efficiency and maintenance of their machines.

ActiveCare provides customers with weekly ActiveCare Reports, giving them insight into how their machines are being used and where uptime could be improved. These reports provide a summary of the machine’s technical status, including critical alarms and operating behaviour alerts that need to be addressed to ensure efficient operations and can have a positive impact on productivity and profitability.

The ActiveCare reports are available for customers in a user-friendly format to review in the Caretrack Portal. ActiveCare allows customers to also contact CJD Equipment for further advice or explanation of their reports if needed.

The ActiveCare Service also includes proactive monitoring of your machine. Via Caretrack, the customer’s machine transmits data to the Volvo Uptime Centre. This data is then analysed immediately via the diagnostic system. If there are technical issues that require priority attention, Volvo’s uptime centre will notify CJD Equipment, where a case can be initiated. This case may encompass a comprehensive examination of the machine’s software, suggestions for improving operator behaviour where applicable, recommendations for reducing CO2 emissions, and any other pertinent information gleaned from the ActiveCare reports.

Finally, CareTrack and ActiveCare provide crucial insights into the machine’s operational uptime at various stages of its life cycle. These insights facilitate proactive service planning and advance spare parts ordering, ultimately minimising downtime—an invaluable resource.

Caretrack and ActiveCare Uptime services ensure your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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For more information on Volvo’s Uptime Services, visit cjd.com.au or give your local branch a call on 1300 138 804.


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