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Volvo Construction Equipment’s new state-of-the-art telematics system

Volvo Construction Equipment’s new state-of-the-art telematics system, CareTrack is now fitted as standard on articulated haulers A25 to A60, wheel loaders L60 to L350, and excavators EC140 to EC950. CJD Equipment is now offering complimentary 10 years free standard CareTrack connectivity package on new Volvo GPPE machines when delivered from 1st January 2022.

Designed for productivity, CareTrack provides customers with a proactive way to manage their machines efficiently, saving them time and money. Customers with CareTrack can reduce fuel costs, optimise machine and operator performance, and manage service and maintenance to maximise uptime.

“Volvo Construction Equipment understands the importance of maximising machine uptime while controlling maintenance costs,” said Lindsay Daniels, CJD Equipment National Product Engineering and Training Manager. “CareTrack is a system designed with the customer in mind. Remotely, CareTrack facilitates tracking, monitors machine utilisation and fuel consumption, and manages maintenance costs through the unique service planning feature.”

With the rise of onboard telematics and remote connectivity, it is easy for operators and fleet managers to become overwhelmed by the mass of data being produced by modern construction machines. CareTrack provides customers with quality connected solutions in the most efficient way possible. Customers can now benefit from real-time insight into how their machine is performing, presenting the opportunity for customers to get the most out of their machines.

CareTrack is the state-of-the-art telematics system designed for Volvo Construction Equipment. Stay informed Receive machine utilization reports and information such as fuel status, machine hours, and machine location

How it works

Caretrack transfers machine data via GSM mobile network and optional satellite, capturing thousands of machine data points, giving customers a powerful insight into the productivity of their fleet, and helping identify areas for improvement.

With a range of optional features, CareTrack effectively manages productivity and machines availability. With time and geofencing functionalities, customers can pinpoint their machine’s exact locations and record the machine’s hours.

Geofencing allows fleet managers to remotely monitor the geographic area, and automatically detect and track their machine’s locations. This can help fleet managers with transport restrictions in certain areas, weight and height restrictions on specific routes or tunnels, or restricted access in urban areas.

CareTrack’s optional anti-theft active tracking system reduces the risk of machine theft and keeps customers’ investments safe. Several triggers such as machine tampering, movement sensors, and geofencing functionalities detect unauthorised use of the machine. The machine can then be immobilised remotely.

Customers now have unprecedented insight into the productivity of their articulated haulers with the use of Onboard Weighing (OBW) and CareTrack. The OBW system monitors the payload weight and relays this information to load software integrated into the electronics of the machine. This prevents overloading, unnecessary machine wear and tire damage, and excess fuel consumption.

The OBW system also allows operators to keep track of their load, keep track of all transported material to each dump zone, keep track of all types of material and monitor productivity data with the possibility to set individual targets.

CareTrack also assists operators to use their machines efficiently by eliminating wasted time and fuel consumption, cutting operating costs, maximising profitability, and reducing CO2 emissions. In a user-friendly format, customers can learn about their machine’s fuel consumption, percentage of utilisation, and excessive idling to ensure a more efficient operation.

Last but not least, CareTrack offers the ability to provide crucial insight into the machines operating uptime at various points in its life cycle. This allows services to be planned and spare parts ordered in advance – all reducing downtime, a truly valuable resource.

Keep on top of unscheduled downtime and check that your machine is being operated efficiently with CareTrack . Volvo’s state-of-the-art telematics system. Stay informed and receive reports including fuel status, machine location and hours, so you can optimize your productivity and save money.

Volvo and CJD Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment is well known as one of the world’s best manufacturer of safe, high-quality, and technologically advanced equipment – and CJD Equipment have been proudly offering their products to the Australian market for close to half a century.

CareTrack is the next step forward in technological advancements, ensuring customers that their equipment is always performing at its very best. CareTrack allows CJD to provide advice and support, as efficiently as possible, helping customers get their machines back to work as quickly as possible. With a national supply network and 24/7 after-hours call-out service, you can rest assured CJD Equipment has the support network in place to ensure you are well supported, no matter where or when.

For more information contact your local CJD branch on 1300 139 804 or visit www.cjd.com.au.











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