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Volvo E Series excavator range

The Volvo brand is well established as a manufacturer of high-quality engineered products. The features we’ve come to expect from the European market leader with regards to performance, build quality and efficiency are all offered in their E Series range of excavators. In such a tightly contested market, competing with many manufacturers that focus solely on the small to medium excavator space, it takes something extra to stand apart from the crowd. The Volvo E Series excavator range, and in particular their short swing radius models, offer outstanding value, comfort and versatility making them a great option.

The Volvo E Series short swing radius line up comprises of a 14 ton, 23 ton and 35 ton model. These model designations are; the ECR145E, ECR235E and ECR355E.

Volvo durable attachments have been purpose built to work in perfect harmony with Volvo machines, forming one solid, reliable unit. With functions and properties ideally matched, Volvo attachments are an integrated part of the excavator for which they are intended delivering maximum productivity.

All three variants feature the usual modern conveniences such as a generous 8 inch monitor, selectable modes of operation to meet the needs of the task, programable joy stick buttons and Bluetooth connectivity. These short swing radius models however feature exactly that, reduced counterweight overhang geometry to enable operation in tighter quarters without compromising on balance or functionality. Volvo’s “Dig Assist” and “Active Control” systems can also be optioned to aid in performing fine control, highly detailed trimming functions. These systems are essentially a “Volvo-ised” version of Trimble’s Dig Assist product, so you know it works. Used in conjunction with the reduced swing radius, the ability to limit the range of motion available vastly improves safety and reduces the risk of costly repairs as a result of working in tight quarters.

Improved hydraulics system

The overall fit and finish of the panel work and the aesthetics of the machine design are functional and understated as you’d expect from such European pedigree. Paint quality and depth has never seemed to be an issue for Volvo and the E Series excavator range appears to present the same quality finish.


Service accessibility is important for keeping downtime to a minimum. The Volvo E series excavator features ground level daily service access points and generously proportioned access doors for ease of service and cleaning. With the quality that goes into every Volvo product, comes reliability. This equates to maximised up-time and increased earning potential.

The Volvo E series short swing radius excavator range brings European refinement and engineering excellence to the construction equipment market.

For more information on the complete range, contact your nearest CJD Equipment branch.  cjd.com.au         




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