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Volvo ECR305C crawler excavators boost productivity at Australian earthmoving business

Two ECR305C crawler excavators from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) are helping a family business in Sydney improve productivity on earthmoving projects.

Matthews Contracting, a family-owned earthmoving business based in Sydney, Australia, is using a fleet of excavators from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) to tackle tough road improvements and multi-basement projects across the region.

In particular, Matthews Contracting is particularly fond of two ECR305C crawler excavators, which are playing a key role in major excavation projects including the M2 and Mona Vale road upgrade projects. The ECR305C crawler excavators are also used on backyard shed demolition projects and backyard excavations.


Versatile Power

The ECR305C features the powerful performance of a 30-ton excavator with the versatility of a short swing radius. This means that the machine can navigate and operate in confined job sites such as in single lanes of traffic, next to buildings and on busy streets. This capability allows the excavator to deal with a wide range of lifting tasks in different environments without hiccups.

“The Volvo ECR305C has a great lifting load and has helped us to deliver solutions that meet all of our clients’ needs,” said Kane Matthews, manager at Matthews Contracting. “Customizable attachments such as augers, grinders, screening buckets and pulverizers also mean that we can tackle all kinds of projects.”

Powered by a Tier 3/Stage IIIA Volvo D7E EAE3 engine, the Volvo ECR305C has a rated output of 1,800 rpm and a rated power of 143 kW. The machine can move up to 1.45 m3 of material with each movement at a depth of 6,960 mm and a reach of 10,445 mm at ground level. The ECR305C is also built for durability and reliability, featuring a reinforced superstructure, forged steel top roller and a strengthened track guard. Matthews Contracting purchased its excavators from CJD Equipment, the Australian distributing partner for Volvo CE.

“This relationship and the obvious strengths of the Volvo product – price, fuel efficiencies and driver comfort – have combined over the years to see us grow together with CJD Equipment,” Matthews said.


Excellent Customer Service

Established in 1992, Matthews Contracting is headquartered on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with their services extending across the greater Sydney region. The company offers a wide range of services including demolition, excavation, rock sawing, rock grinding, vegetation mulching, site remediation, land clearing and retention systems.

CJD and Matthews Contracting have built a strong relationship since Matthews Contracting’s first purchase in 2014. Over the years, Matthews Contracting has purchased several machines from CJD including an EC300D, two ECR145Cs, four ECR235Cs and two ECR305Cs.

“Our relationship with CJD’s Regional Sales Manager Steve Wilson is a great balance of being informed on new products and staying up to speed with technologies and education, while also being efficient, approachable and friendly,” Matthews said.

For further information, please visit: www.volvoce.com/australia


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