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With Oilquick, safety is paramount

The number one priority on any jobsite is safety. Imagine operating an excavator in 40 degree heat, then having to get out of the machine to manually disconnect hoses when wanting to swap between Bucket and Rock Breaker. With Oilquick Automatic Quick Coupler Systems there’s no need to ever leave the comfort of the cab, making it not only the most versatile but also the safest Hydraulic Quick Coupler System available in the market today.
Oilquick is the world’s largest manufacturer of fully automatic quick coupler systems having sold over 30,000 units since the first system was introduced back in 1993. Today the company is a one stop shop for automatic quick coupler systems to suit excavators, wheel loaders, forklifts, material handling machines and cranes.
A large mining company in Western Australia recently engaged local Oilquick dealer, Monty Products Australia (MPA) to set up an Oilquick OQ80 Coupler on a Hitachi ZX360 excavator to enable a quick, easy and most importantly safe way to change between Rock Breaker and Bucket on site. The company had recently had an incident where an operator was injured getting out of the cab to change attachments. With the Oilquick OQ80 Coupler this task is carried out automatically from inside the cab.
Without the need to manually disconnect hoses, worry about oil spillage and contamination, injury to the operator and the fact that Oilquick complies with the Australian standard AS4772 for hydraulic quick hitches, the decision to go this way was easy.
An Oilquick Automatic Quick Coupler System will not only make your machine more flexible, but it will also make your company more competitive, cost effective and most importantly keep your operators safe.
For more information contact the Oilquick dealer nearest to you:
Australian East Coast: Coast 2 Coast Attachments – Luke Preston 0409 649 710
Australian West Coast: Monty Products Australia – Andrew Hutchison 0438 866 080


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