The latest Australian-manufactured machines from leading global HDPE pipe butt-welding equipment manufacturer, Worldpoly, have just been launched, setting a new standard for the industry in terms of product safety, durability, efficiency and ease-of-use.
The new PolyForce500 is a fully automatic and self-contained smart welding unit (high and low pressure), that is ideal for use with PE and PP pipes and fittings of up to 500mm / 20” IPS.
Designed and manufactured in Australia, the latest PolyForce units follow a four-year development process that closely considered the needs of both operators and businesses in key industries including construction, gas, mining, water, agriculture, civil infrastructure and others.

Designed to last

Knowing the demanding geographic and climatic conditions the new PolyForce models were likely to work in, the machines make use of the highest quality components and are over-engineered to ensure longevity and reliability, providing users with lower total cost of ownership advantages.
Worldpoly Managing Director, Rob Hall, said the company’s design philosophy in bringing the new PolyForce range to life was very different to the path taken by most competitors.
“We began with a blank canvass and asked ourselves, ‘what are the key ingredients to developing an industry-leading butt-welding machine’? If we were users of such equipment ourselves, what would we want and expect?” he said.

“That was our starting point. While some others set out to build equipment as cheaply as they can and then sell it for a premium, we wanted to design and manufacture the best machines available.
“These machines are now in the field and already proving themselves.”

Focused on customer needs
Having consulted with industry experts and reflected on the experience of its senior personnel – some of whom have been in the field for almost 60 years – Worldpoly identified and set about meeting several key criteria: enhanced safety, ease of use, consistency and superior reliability.

With its user-friendly design which includes fully automatic control of pressure, time and temperature variables (with option of manual entry), the new PolyForce500 requires minimal operator input, reducing the likelihood of operator variables, leading to higher quality welds and increased efficiency.
All machine functions are controlled via an intuitive, rugged touch-screen (rated IP67), which is easy-to-use, while an on-board 20,000+ weld data logger ensures easy access to important information and monitoring capabilities. For added convenience, this screen is attached to an adjustable, mobile arm allowing the user to operate the machine more ergonomically. The module even includes USB sockets so operators can recharge their mobile devices while working.

As an added bonus – and in keeping with Worldpoly’s emphasis on training – a Worldpoly technician is available to travel to work sites anywhere in the world (COVID-19 permitting) to oversee commissioning of the equipment and to conduct customer training. Remote access via GSM and GPS positioning will soon also be available as an upgrade.
Having a machine that operates efficiently and with little margin of error is only one aspect of maintaining workflow and meeting project deadlines. All operators of capital equipment know that service and maintenance – particularly unforeseen downtime – can be extremely costly for business. With this in mind, the new PolyForce range has been designed to be straight forward to maintain in the field, with easy, uncomplicated access to generic components for replacement or repair if required.

Quality power
Powering the new machines are low-noise, 1800 RMP Yanmar diesel engines which meet Tier 4 emission requirements for North American markets. These engines are proven performers, offering an ideal blend of power, fuel efficiency, extended run times and low noise, so hearing protection is not required. A further benefit of the low noise operation is that these machines can be used for extended hours in residential areas with minimal impact to amenity.
Safety first

In an environment where occupational health and safety is more important and more tightly controlled than ever, the PolyForce500 stands tall, easily exceeding Australia’s stringent safety requirements. Provided as standard are three E-Stops, adjustable levels of Human Interface control and guarded access to man-entry points.
The PolyForce500 is available in tracked and non-tracked variants with a number of the new machines already working with customers and several more in the manufacturing cycle.
Mr Hall said that Worldpoly had machines of up to 2500mm operating globally in over 120 countries, and that the latest PolyForce500 would help strengthen the brand’s position in key markets including the Americas, Australia, Africa and the Gulf.
“Worldpoly machines are well regarded and widely accepted around the globe, and we are confident that our latest release will solidify and grow our position,” Mr Hall said.
“When you consider the design, engineering and construction qualities of the PolyForce500, coupled with its many features and the superior aftersales service that our company offers, it makes for an extremely compelling case to add these machines to the capital equipment list.”
Additional PolyForce models will be released later this year further broadening the range.


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