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XCMG Mini Excavators: Designed to Perform, Built to Last

As the world’s third largest construction equipment manufacturer with more than 4 decades of industry experience, XCMG has built a global reputation for innovation, reliability and performance throughout its entire range of machinery – including excavators, graders, rollers and more.
XCMG’s mini excavator range is one of Australia’s newest and most impressive line-ups of high-performance, value-for-money machines. Ranging from the compact XE17U 1.7 tonne mini digger purpose-built for tight access work, up to the robust and powerful XE55U designed to dominate virtually any construction project, XCMG has the mini excavator for you.

With the renowned Kubota D902 engine, premium quality Bosch Rexroth hydraulic componentry, and Eaton swing and travel motors, the XE17U delivers efficient and durable performance. Its clever zero tailswing design and variable 990-1240mm track width allows tight access work on virtually any job site, whilst safety is a primary focus of the XE17U with its boom cylinder located on the top of the boom and a ROPS and FOPS canopy that meets Australian safety requirements, including a safe lock function.
The XE17U also delivers exceptional breakout digging force with its reinforced arm, stick and bucket, plus a notable overall system flow rate of 64.4 LPM and auxiliary flow of 34 LPM. Maintenance is also simple and efficient with easy access to the engine and all componentry via swing-out doors, to minimise downtime and maximise work time.
The next size up in the XCMG mini excavator range is the 2.7 tonne XE27U. Much like the XE17U, this model offers excellent capability for tight access work with the added benefit of extra power, hydraulic flow and breakout force.
The XE27U’s open air canopy operator station offers excellent visibility around the machine, and its ergonomic control layout ensures maximum comfort for operators of any size. With a bucket kit, hitch and dozer blade all included, the XE27U is ready to take on any project and perform with unrivalled reliability and durability.

With a powerful Yanmar 3TNV88F engine and premium quality hydraulic componentry, the 4.2 tonne XE35U dominates its size class.
The perfect all-round machine for excavation, loading, leveling, trenching, crushing, drilling, clamping and lifting, owners and operators are currently utilising the XE35U on a wide variety of projects – site cleaning, hydropower, transportation, municipal, garden, farmland transformation and oil pipeline works.
The overall shape of the XE35U adopts a tailless design, which is flexible and versatile for operating in tight and small spaces, such as urban streets and residential properties. The minimised slewing radius ensures improved convenience and safety, and operators feel the added confidence provided by this excavator’s excellent stability and smooth control.
The XE35U mini excavator is available in 2 configurations; an open canopy, or a large, comfortable enclosed cabin with air conditioning and heating as standard. The ergonomic layout of the controls, the travel pedals, and the adjustable wrist rests, are designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.
The XE35U also has durable steel body panels all around, providing good resistance to impact damage and strong protection for internal componentry. In addition, the XE35U is designed for lower maintenance cost with longer service intervals – resulting in more machine availability on-site, and more profitability.
Presently the largest of the XCMG mini excavator range, the 5.7 tonne XE55U offers a powerful yet efficient Kubota 2403 engine, premium Bosch Rexroth hydraulic componentry, and minimised tailswing operation. As a result, the XE55U delivers versatile, durable and cost-effective performance that is virtually unrivalled in this size class.
158.5 LPM of overall hydraulic flow allows operators to run a wide variety of attachments with smooth control and powerful performance, such as forestry mulchers, augers and shears. The enclosed cab is spacious, ergonomic, climate-controlled and extremely comfortable for operators.
The XE55U has been designed and manufactured with particular attention to easy service access, with a single access point for the daily maintenance of all main components, fuel level gauge and refuelling through the lockable cap, plus swing open and swing up engine access doors.

For more information about XCMG’s diverse range of construction, mining and agriculture equipment, plus special limited time offers on mini excavators, visit www.xcmg.net.au.


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