Home Machinery XCMG Wheel Loaders – Unmatched Comfort and Value-For-Money      

XCMG Wheel Loaders – Unmatched Comfort and Value-For-Money      

XCMG Wheel Loaders – Unmatched Comfort and Value-For-Money      

XCMG are the words 3rd largest construction machinery company in the world with a rich history of global growth and innovation. With the expansion of the construction industry XCMG has built a name for itself in the Australian market, the wheel loader range is no exception to the high-quality machines we have come to expect. Service, value-for-money and after-sales support are top priorities for every XCMG Sales & Service customer.


The XC938 is the smallest wheel loader in the range presently weighing approximately 11 tonnes. This mighty machine works perfectly for various construction and agricultural tasks with a 2.1m3 bucket. Built with a renowned Cummins diesel engine, ZF transmission and premium hydraulics, this machine performs lifting, digging and carrying tasks with ease. The compact size of this machine makes it easy to move between tight spaces without sacrificing operator comfort during long operating hours. Created with a built-in intelligent control system to increase efficiency and productivity, helping you complete jobs that require extra precision and agility with ease.


The XC948 is XCMG’s mid-sized wheel loader and is a new generation loader designed and produced independently. As a result the XC948 is uniquely different and proritises comfort, reliability, durability and efficiency. Panoramic wrap around windows gives the operator excellent visibility all around the machine, and the cabs include a spacious, dust-proof, well-insulated and temperature-adjustable interior for maximum all-day comfort. The customer was put front of mind as this machine is simple to maintain whilst also equipped with a Cummins diesel engine. Coming in at approximately 16.5 tonnes with a 3.1m3 bucket, this machine is perfect for customers who are seeking a versatile mid-sized loader solution for any application or industry.


Weighing approximately 18.7 tonnes the XC958 wheel loader is designed with durability and comfort in mind. This machine is a mix of power and technology, making it strong and smart, unlike many loaders in its class. Featuring a Cummins diesel engine, ZF automatic transmission and 3.5m3 bucket, creates a reliable and efficient machine to handle heavy materials with ease. Fitted with telematics and remote monitoring, giving you the ability to see real time diagnostics and performance tracking, ensuring projects stay on track without costly delays. Nothing compares to the reliability and efficiency of the XC958 wheel loader.


The XC978 Wheel Loader weighs approximately 24.5 tonnes, making it the biggest loader in XCMG’s fleet to date. Featuring the renowned Cummins diesel engine, this loader was built for high efficiency and power. The large design of the wheelbase creates high mobility and flexibility in all working environments. The XC978 hosts a large 4.5m3 bucket, giving you the ability to move heavier loads and more volume quicker. Operator comfort is top priority with adjustable suspension seat, AC system, 360 degrees wrap around windows for maximum visibility and built in noise reduction, Giving you the comfort and ability to work all day long with ease.

XCMG Australia also offer a nationwide parts, service, sales and support network for all machines, ensuring that any scheduled or unplanned downtime is resolved quickly and easily. Don’t wait weeks for replacement parts or service requests as is standard for many construction equipment suppliers in Australia – XCMG will have your support needs catered to swiftly and efficiently.

For more information about XCMG’s premium wheel loader range visit: www.xcmgmachinery.com.au.


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