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Advancing Australia: The Technology Accelerating Aussie Infrastructure Projects

Trimble Hosts Customer and Dealer Demo Days

Technology company Trimble recently held its bi-annual Demo Days in Farley, New South Wales to showcase its construction technology solutions to local customers, dealers and equipment manufacturers. The four-day event attracted more than 200 people who were interested in learning more about and getting a hands-on look at Trimble’s hardware and software solutions for the construction sector.

The first three days of the event were dedicated to training Trimble’s local SITECH dealer network, with a specific focus on how dealers can help contractors maximise their use of technology and increase uptime.

‘We want to have the best installers and the best ongoing support available in the market,” said Matt Rhyne, Australasian sales manager. “The purpose of construction technology is to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability -none of which is possible if the technology is being under utilized or sitting idle waiting for a repair. Bringing dealers together at events like this helps us make sure we’re providing the market with high quality installations and the best possible technical experience.”

In addition to dealers, customers also attended the final day of the event, where they had a chance to visit 13 stations and see 10 different machines operating Trimble technology.

Featured technology included the Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform on graders, excavators and dozers; the new Trimble Siteworks Machine Control Module for excavators; the Trimble Groundworks Machine Control System for drilling and piling; and a variety of Trimble software solutions including Trimble Works OS, Trimble Works Manager and Trimble Business Center.

‘We always like to bring our customers together so we have a chance to interact with them directly to better understand their business, the industry and the current challenges they are facing,” said Matt Rhyne. “This is a chance for contractors to engage with Trimbles’ regional and global experts to see first-hand how they can gain productivity improvements through the use of technology. This event is 100% focused on providing a better experience and outcomes for our customers.”

The next Demo Days event is planned for 2025. To learn more about Trimble solutions or be kept informed about future events, contact your local SITECH or go to civilconstruction.trimble.com and click on ‘Stay Informed’.



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